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Hello everybody. My presentation is about the Titanic. I chose this topic because I liked the movie and when I was little, I found it interesting.

I'm going to talk about a few things. What is the Titanic, the disaster, rescue, finding the Titanic and the movies.

The Titanic
The Titanic was one of the 3 new ships from the White Star Line. On 31 March 1909, that was the date they started with making it. It had to be a very big and luxury ship. R.M.S. stands for royal mail steamship.  Because the mail would often come unsorted in the harbor and it was sorted on the ship. The press also had their names like the unsinkable ship or the ship of your dreams. The Titanic was the most beautiful ship and it weighed 46.000 tons. Its length was 268 meters and it was 28 meters wide. The height from the keel to the chimney was 56 meters. There where 2.227 people on board, but the ship had only 16 lifeboats and 4 foldable lifeboats so there was only place for the half of the people on the ship. They thought that the boats would take too much space and that is was unnecessary for a ship that couldn't sink. It had a swimming pool and a gym. The Titanic took off on 10 April 1912 at 12 o'clock on the harbor of Southampton. Then they went to Cherbourg and from there to Queenstown from there they went to New York, but the Titanic didn't make it there.

t was Sunday 14 April 23.40 when Fredrick Fleet was in the crow's nest and shouted that there was an iceberg right forward. But it was too late, and the ship went too fast to turn or stop. They didn't have any binoculars otherwise they would have seen the iceberg from before en could have stopped. The captain Edward John Smith didn't want to stress the people on the ship out, so he didn't give them a lot of information. Even though he heard that the ship was going to sink in an hour. The Titanic hit the iceberg and there came a crack of 96 meters in the Titanic. The water started rushing in and the first chimney broke. The front of the ship came full of water and was sinking but the back of the ship was rising so the middle part of the ship broke.

Shortly after midnight, the captain gave an order to get the lifeboats ready. All the lifeboats were loaded, the first class went in front en they got what they wanted. The third class drowned with the ship and only a few of them were saved. A lot of people were stressed and fought for their life. On the ship, everyone knew what was going to happen also the music band but even tho the ship was sinking they still made joyful music.

When the Titanic finally sank a lot of people fell in the water. They tried to climb on things but only a few found something to hold on to. The water was ice-cold. And most of them died from hypothermia (that’s undercooling).

The ship that came and saved some people was The Carpathia. Another ship saw the distress signals but ignored them that ship had the name The Californion. That ship could still save like 1500 more people, but the captain was too scared.

Finding the Titanic
When the Titanic was sunk, a lot of people wanted to look for it. Only they didn’t have the stuff to look for it. In July 1985 a French-American expedition went to the place where the Titanic was seen last. The expedition was going to be accomplished in 2 parts: first the French would try to find it with a sonar then the American would try to find it with underwater camera’s. The leader from the American expedition after 2 weeks the French still didn’t find anything. Now it was the turn for the American and on 31 August around 1 o’clock at night, they found the first peaches of the wreckage. After 84 years they had finally found the wreck of the Titanic. After that, there were more expeditions.

This was my presentation I hope you all liked it.


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