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We are going to talk about

The sports football, rugby, rugby Union, Rugby League, Cricket, less populair team sports, ice-hockey, basketball, hockey and lacrosse.The individual sports: Golf, Badminton, Motorsport and Tennis,And two Champions, the England World Champions and the England European Champions.


The most popular sports in England are: football, Rugby Union and League and Cricket.You also have sports who are less populair like: Badmintion, Athletics, Tennis, Golf, Motorsport, Horseracing, cehockey, fieldhockey, basketball and lacrosse.We are going to talk about most of the sports we just named, but not all.


Football is de most popular sport in England for al long time.The playing of football in England is documented since at least 1314. England is home to the oldest football clubs in the world (dating from at least 1857), the world's oldest competition (the FA cup founded in 1871) and the first ever football league (1888). English football has a league system which incorporates thousands of clubs, and is topped by four fully professional divisions. The elite Premier League has 20 teams and is the richest football league in the world. The other three fully professional divisions are the run by The Football League, the oldest league in the world, and include another 72 clubs. Annual promotion and relegation operates between these four divisions and also between the lowest of them and lower level or "non-League" football. There are a small number of fully professional clubs outside the top four divisions, and many more semi-professional clubs. Thus England has over a hundred fully professional clubs in total, which is considerably more than any other country in Europe.The two main cup competitions in England are the FA Cup (the world's oldest football competition), which is open to every men's football team in England; and the League Cup (currently known as the Capital One Cup), which is for the 92 professional clubs in the four main professional divisions only.


Rugby was codified by the Rugby Football Union in 1871. In 1895 the two organizations developed somewhat different rules. For much of the 20th century there was difference between rugby league, which was a mainly working class game based in the industrial regions of northern England, and rugby union, which is a predominantly middle class game in England, and is also popular in the other home nations. In 1995 opened the International Rugby Board rugby union to professional players. A rugby team consists of five teen players. An important part in rugby is "Scrum", a group of each team to the other team leaning forward trying to push away the ball to conquer. The intention is to get the ball in rugby over the line of the opponent to get but that is not easy, you may push your opponent and also beech. An important rule in rugby is that you may not throw the ball forward you may throw him backwards only

Rugby union

England won the 2003 Rugby World Cup, the first victory in the competition by a British team.English club sides also take part in the two European wide club rugby competitions, the Heineken Cup and the European Challenge Cup. English clubs such as Leicester TigersBath RugbyLondon Wasps and Northampton Saints have had success in the Heineken Cup.

Rugby league

The board of rugby league in the United Kingdom is the Rugby Football League. Although playing numbers have recently topped 60,000 in London and the south east.The main knock-out competition is the Challenge Cup, which also includes clubs from FranceRussiaWales and Scotland and each year culminates in a history-steeped final at Wembley Stadium. There is a secondary knock-out competition called the Championship Cup for teams in the Championships nternationally, England fields a competitive team in international rugby league. For many tournaments the home nations are combined to compete as Great Britain. The Great Britain team won the Rugby League World Cup in 19541960 and 1972, but England and Wales now compete separately in this tournament and Australia held the title from 1975 until 2008 when they finally lost their grip on the title after being beaten by New Zealand in a thrilling final in Brisbane.


Cricket was invented in England There are thousands of teams but there eighteen professional county clubs, seventeen of them in England and one in Wales. Each summer the county clubs compete in the first class County Championship, the oldest recognised cricket competition in the world, which consists of two leagues of nine teams and in which matches are played over four days. The same teams also play the one day National League, a one day knock out competition called the Friends Provident Trophy, and the short-form Twenty20 Cup. It is the 2nd most popular sport in UK.The cricket team won The Ashes in 2005 and in 2009, and 2010/11

Less populair team sports

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is Britain's largest indoor spectator sport. It has a long history in the UK and it is reasonably well supported, with the larger teams attracting thousands of fans to every game. The main league is the ten-team professional Elite League, which has featured many former NHL players, predominantly during the NHL lockout season. At the moment the Great Britain men's national ice hockey team is in division 1 of the Ice Hockey World Championships. The team is ranked 23rd in the world in the IIHF World Ranking system.


Basketball is a minor sport in England. As of the 2006-07 season the top level league is the ten team British Basketball League and second league is the twelve team English Basketball League. The teams are professional or semi-professional but have modest resources. Great Britain men's national basketball team, which was formed by the national basketball organisations of EnglandScotland and Wales on 1 December 2005, have not achieved any major success yet.


In Holland is hockey a very populair sport, that’s in England too. They also have the same rules.

Field hockey is played on gravel, natural grass, sand-based or water-based with a small, hard ball. The game is popular among both males and females in many parts of England. The best performance of the England national field hockey team is the gold medal at the European Championships of 1991. At the European Championships in 2007 and 2009 captured the English team the bronze medal. The highest competition for a competition in hockey is the EHL Premier Division. In both men and women are fighting 10 teams to the Championship. After a competition of 18 Matchday is the highest placed team automatically champion


Lacrosse in England is played in both the Men's (Field & Indoor) and Women's (Field) versions of the games and governed by English Lacrosse Association. Currently the England men's team are European champions and are ranked 5th in the world. The Women's team are currently 2nd in Europe  and also ranked 4th in the World (having won silver in both the 1987 and 1991 World Championships).

Individual Sports


A few of the best golfers in the world come from England; Lee Westwood, Paul Casey, Luke Donald and Ian Poulter, England also has some of the best golf courses in the world.


Badminton is England's most popular racket sport. It is an accessible sport where beginners can experience success early through basic rallying, but at the top level it requires high levels of power, agility and endurance. Badminton is an Olympic sport and Great Britain achieved medal success in both Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004. The All-England Championships takes place in Birmingham every year and attracts all the top players from around the world.


The majority of the Formula One teams are based in England. English drivers have won seven Formula One World Championship drivers titles. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are the most notable current English drivers, winning the 2008 and 2009 World Drivers Championships respectively. English drivers have achieved success in the World Rally Championship. Since 2000 the British Superbike Championship has become increasingly popular, surpassing its four-wheeled rivals in terms of spectator receipts and television coverage. Britain hosts one round of the MotoGP championship at Silverstone, and hosts rounds of the Superbike World Championship.England is commonly seen as the widely dominant country for building racing cars. In addition to Formula One successes, historic names such as LolaMarchReynard and Chevron have supplied numerous teams. Universities offering motorsport courses always back up this claim. Between the mid 1980s to the 1990s cars built in Britain were widely dominant in CART racing and the Indianapolis 500 in the United States.


The sport originated in England and is in the form that we know today, played since 1873. The name ' tennis ' is derived from the French ' tenez ', that ' keep (the ball) ' means. Every year there are four major tennis tournaments worldwide, this is called ' the grand slam '. The Australian Open is played in January, around May the gravel tournament Roland Garros and in the summer it is time for the grass tournament of Wimbledon. The tennis year is concluded with the US Open in August and September.

England World Champion:

  • 1970 Cycling World Championships

  • 1999 World judo Championships

  • 2003 IBF World Championships

  • 2003 World indoor Championships

  • 2006 World indoor Championships bowls

England European champion

  •  1993 European Swimming Championships

  • 1993 European Sprint Swimming Champions, England is best known for the avid athletes, but also the fanatical fans.

  • 1998 European short course Swimming Championships


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