Alexander the Great
In 338 BC, Macedon (in the north eastern region of Greece) became to the most powerfull city state in Greece. Macedon was led by Philip,the father of Alexander the Great. Macedon was the strongest city state in Greece so Macedon defeated all other city states easy. Then Phillip led a greek expedition to Persia to defeat Persians,because the Persians had captured Macedon severall times. With this expedition Philip wanted to attack the Persians. He wanted that the Persians stopped with attacking Greece.

•    Alexander the great becomes to a king.
Two years later during the expedition Philip died and Alexander the great becomes automatically to the king of Greece because he was the son of Philip. Now Alexander the great in effect was the ruler of Greece. When Alexander becomed to a  king he was just 18 years old. So he was a very young king in the history of Greece. When Alexander was a king he maked sure that the rest of Greece understood that Macedon was still the most powerfull city state in Greece.

•    Alexander the greats journey to Persia.
In 334 BC Alexander the great set off with 40,000 soldiers to Persia and to finish the expedition to Persia and defeat them. On the left you can see the army and route of Alexander the great. When they had defeated the Persians Alexander wanted to go further. He wanted to go more parts in the world that were unknown for him and his army. In 326 Bc the soldiers told him that they would not go further to the East. Alexander accepted his first defeat, caused by his own soldiers and turned back to Greece.  

•     Alexanders dead.

•    How important  was Alexander the great in Greece?
Alexander was important,because he had changed the map of the world with his army in little more than a decade. Greece becomed a huge empire with a big and strong army when  Alexander the great was ruler over Greece. He was worshipped at many places in greece and some people saw him as a God.


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