The Mysterious dissapearance

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  • 17 september 2003
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The mysterious disappearance.

On a night just like tonight, a stranger came to a Christmas party where Linda and her single mother, Jessica were. Linda was five years old and whore a redblue colored dress. Jessica was talking with some of her friends, and on the same time Linda was playing with some of her friends. The stranger started talking and touching some of the women, but they all ignored him. The stranger wore blue jeans, a green shirt and white tennis shoes. Then the stranger came and started to play with Linda, and she liked it, but when her mother saw it she didn’t. So she called Linda. Linda walked to her mother and told her that she wanted some chips, Jessica told her to get some herself. So she went to the table to get some chips, her mother continued talking, when she suddenly turned around Linda and the stranger were gone. Jessica got worried and started asking every one if they saw her, no one saw her leaving from the front door. So they started to search the building but the didn’t find her. Jessica decided to call the police, when the police arrived they searched the building and found an open window upstairs. The stranger was their only suspect. So the police and all the people began to search with flashlights in that area, but with no results or clues. The police asked Jessica what the stranger looked like, and they made a drawing and recognized him he was no stranger to the police, his name was: Rowan Anderson. He was well known to the police, he killed and raped two people in his past and was just released on a bail of $20.000. The police went to his house that was 12 miles from the party, when they arrived they saw a red car in front of the house that was his girlfriends car. The police knocked at the door and his girlfriend, Mandy answered the door. The police questioned her and she told them that Rowan had taken the long way home that night. Many had to wake him up because the police wanted to question him too, after that the wanted to search his house for evidence. One off the cops opened the wash machine and found his Blue jeans, green shirt and white tennis shoes in it. They asked Rowan why he washed his clothing at 2 am. He told them that those were his only work clothes. Then they asked if he always washed his shoes with his clothing and her told them that he always did. When the police got his white tennis shoes out the wash machine they saw some blood under them, they took the shoes to the lab and found out that the blood was the same blood type as Linda’s blood. The police started to check the car and found some of Linda’s hair and some off her redgreen colored hairs off her dress. But Rowan kept telling the police that he didn’t do it. Linda’s Christmas presents where still lying under the Christmas tree. Jessica and her family decided to give $50.000 to the person who could find Linda. Two days later Jessica got a call, the person who called told her if she wanted Linda alive she had to come to a nearby parking lot the next day, and the person also said not to call the police. But Jessica did call the police. They had a plan, it was that the police would hide in the parking lot in a van and record every thing that would happen and that Jessica had to go with a handbag with newspapers in it. So the next day their plan went in to action. It was a success but the person that called was just a high school student that wanted to make easy money, he got arrested. Weeks went by with no further results, then the police found a dead body lying next to a road but it wasn’t Linda, it was an twelve-year-old girl. The police didn’t have enough evidence to arrest Rowan. And they were left with some questions like what happened to her, or if she was killed or if she still was alive. To this day on no one knows what really happened to Linda.


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