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the earth rumbles

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  • 2e klas vwo | 276 woorden
  • 26 maart 2009
  • 4 keer beoordeeld
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The earth rumbles

The world is getting warmer, which has consequences: the Arctic icecap is melting, water in the oceans is rising. Are our dikes high and strong enough?

This year we had 21 hurricanes, the same number as in 1933. But the difference is that hurricanes nowadays are much stronger. The damage is enormous and even in a rich country like America help is not well organised.

We all remember last Christmas, we all remember the pictures of the tsunami, don't we?

And a few weeks ago, the earthquake in Pakistan and India. Many people died immediately, but also many died because they could not be saved in time. And still people die, because they live in remote villages and can not get food, medicines etc.

This earthquake was so strong, because of the fact that two continental plates clashed. If a continental plate and an ocean plate clash, the ocean plate will slide under the continental plate, because the ocean plate is heavier. When two continental plates clash, they weigh the same, so much more force escapes. Another reason why so many people died and dies is that it is an isolated area, which India and Pakistan both claim.
It is said that many Al-Quaida fighters live in the mountains there. Well, then there is perhaps one thing to feel happy about…Excuse me, this was a slip of the tongue.

The earth rumbles. We can not go further like we did in the past. We may use the world, but we have to protect it too. The earth groans and we do not notice it.

How long will we be able to live on this earth?


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