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Sunday-Mail | Letter of complaint

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Ja, ik doe mee!
Sunday-mail | Letter of complaint

Dear Susie,
I’m really sorry about your disappointing residence in the hotel that I had recommended to you.
When I stayed at the hotel it was really good. I don’t know what happened in between your holiday and mine.
Please say you’ll forgive me for this and I hope it won’t happen again in the future.
Kind regards,
Dear manager,
I am writing to draw your attention to the fact that my friend and her family didn’t enjoy their residence in your hotel. Because I recommended your hotel to them, I feel that I have to do something about it.(I have to take action)
To begin with, one of the rooms did not have an ‘en suite’ bathroom. Therefore my friends had to go to the bathroom down the corridor to have a shower, which was very inconvenient.

Secondly the sea view you offer is debatable My friendshad to stand on a chair to get a glimpse of the sea.
Furthermore, the fine cuisine to suit all tastes was defintely not what they had expected it to be. The food was not very tasty and also there were no vegetarian dishes on the menu.
Apart from that, the beach is a 5 minutes walk in contrast with the stone’s throw that is mentioned in your brochure. The family was really shocked by this because one of the family-members is handicapped
Last but not least, the family complained about the swimming pool. The brochure describes it as a large swimming pool, and yes it is, but it is also is too cold to swim in.
I hope that this matter can be resolved, so that in the future the family can come back and enjoy their stay at your hotel. I am sure you will...etc
Yours sincerely,


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