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Has mathematic been invented or has it been discovered?

Mathematic is a very old knowledge. There is a long history of mathematical scientists, who have tried to find every possible facts on mathematic. This essay is the answer to the question: Has mathematic been discovered or has is been invented? Before answering this question we first have to know the definitions of the verbs: to invent and to discover. To invent means that you create or design something and to discover means get the knowledge of or bring to view. Mathematic is also a very complicated knowledge. As you might not expect, because mathematic seems to be so logical and exact, there are many doubts about mathematical formulas. Many scientist study the diffeculties and the unknown in the knowledge of mathematic. There are mathematical scientist who study the sum “one plus one is two”. They assert that one plus one is not always two and they try to prove their proposition. When they finally have proved their proposition there are always mathematical scientist who still doubt it and go and search for an antithesis.

In nature there are no geometical object at first sight. You do not see triangle lakes or cube formed trees. The only things that are geometrical on earth are man-made. Pyramids are geometric and building are geometric, but they do not come directly from nature, they are man-made. But how did human beings get the knowledge of all these mathematical facts? Of course in a certain time in history, people needed counting for counting money, that had been invented. But the people did not really invent the counting; they only discovered that it was very useful.

Nowadays there are also mathematical scientists who study the mathematical knowledge in nature. The mathematical scientists produced or actually dicovered formulas that reject on a lot of mathematical things in nature and also in man-made things. There is for example “ de gulden snede” and it has the formula A:B = B: A+B. Striking is that also branches of trees have their own geometrical form. They always split in the same corner of 137,5 degrees. When you closely look at flowers and fruit you can see spirals, which is also a mathematical form. And even at the corpulation of rabbits you can see a sort of a formula every time again. So there is mathematic in nature, although you have to look very carefully for it.

Now I am going to try to answer to answer the essay question and finish it by writing a conclusion. I think that mathematic has been discovered. I think that if there is really mathematic in nature it has always been there. I also think that you cannot invent geomatrical forms in nature, so it has to be that it has always been there. Everywhere around you see numbers and formulas; everything seems to fit exactly. Even our planet is a geomatrical shape.

Maybe I am wrong and should I answer the question by saying that mathematics has been invented; still I am very surprised of all the facts on mathematics in nature I have learned about.


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