Last week of my life

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  • 23 mei 2000
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It was just a simple check-up, nothing out of the ordinary, an annual habit. But it turned out to be more than that …

The doctor had just told me that I had a terminal disease and that I only had a week to live.

I ran as fast as I could away from the hospital, in an attempt to outrun the disease and its terrible character. I guess I was just in denial at that particular moment. But what would you have done, if a doctor, dressed sterile, because he was afraid of you and what you might cause to him, and told you that you were about to die in a week?

When I finally arrived at my home, I looked at all that wealth and asked myself why I had wasted my whole life working. I busted my chops for years trying to climb the social ladder and in the way I lost my closest friends, got divorced. All those wasted years and I only had a villa to show for!?

I went inside and started trashing the place as a hysterical madman because I didn't know what I could have done otherwise. I simply had to express the anger that I felt deep inside me when I realised that I had postponed everything because of my job. When I finally cooled down, I sat down on what was left of my office chair and started thinking what I would do with the remainders of my scattered life. I decided to have a party for the few people I love and who had always been there for me, but I didn't say what the purpose and reason of this gathering was.

The party was a huge success and I was glad nobody realised that I wouldn't be around the next time they gathered. That would probably be at my funeral, but I was to happy to even think about that. The only thing on my mind at that moment was how they would remember me and the thought that I would never see them again came at a later time. I decided to let everything loose and it was the first time that I drank too much since my college days. The next day I woke up thinking and wishing I was already dead.

I dedicated that day on - what I called - a movie-marathon, because it was one of my passions and I hadn't gone to a movie in a couple of years, because of my hectic business life. In a mood of generosity, I invited some complete strangers to see the movie with me (I explained to them that I would pay for everything). It was one of the most remarkable things I had ever done and I liked it, because hey, you only live once. There was also the fact that I noticed how I could enjoy myself with people I had never seen before. I concluded that day with a visit to the local disco, where everybody looked at me as if I was from another planet. But never the less I had a great time and danced in ways I couldn't have foreseen a week ago.

After a few days of extensive partying, I took up the plan to write a short "letter" to my loved ones, explaining the way I had behaved these last days and trying to share my feelings about all this. To my surprise, I had absolute no more problems about the fact that my life was coming to an end and I even found it a liberation to write about my feelings so openly.

It's now the seventh day and I am still sitting here thinking about forgotten days, about the things I regret, but also of all the good times I had. And now I'm just sitting here, musing about my life and related things, with a glass of red wine and my favourite music on, just waiting for death to come and take me …




Ieder van ons moet een dag doodgaan.
Zo is het leven he!.

22 jaar geleden



ik kan het artikel goed gebruiken en ben ook blij dat het erop staat want anders had ik me nog dood gezocht naar een artikel dit is echt een geschikt artikel echt top ik ben echt blij 100.000 kusjes jenette

19 jaar geleden

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