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28 May 2001

When i woke up this morning i felt horrible, 24 days to go. On the 21st of June I would be relaesed and it feels like ages, but now I’m just hungry. today my meals were horrible. at ‘breakfeast’ we had eggs, but I think they were rotten. Since I came here I like to go to school, because there’s nothing else to do, I even do my homework. today at school that bitch started to yell at everyone of us. she said we were stupid, good for nothing and lazy. that we costed the government a lot of money every year. I don’t know why she had that breakdown in class, probably trouble with her boyfriend or something. we, well the most of us are the most innocent creatures in class, and she ran out class. Then the director came and told us we were going to get a new teacher in a few weeks. Wich means we have to stay for about 3 weeks at our “rooms”. That couls only go wrong. When i came in the canteen i felt the tension among my fellow prisoners. And when i was standing in the line waiting for food which tasted by the way much better than this morning. Something went wrong at the mess hall and sunddenly two boys were fighting. I knew it would happen, but i never expected it to happen this soon. A lot of things went wrong, the guards acted to taugh and soon everyone attacked the guards. The next guards came too late so there was somekind of hijacking. The quards where held hostage. This wasn’t just for fun. After a while the director came in to tell us that this wouldn’t solve our proplem and some of us could even stay longer in this institution. And if it would be over in a few minuts noone would get punished. I was so relieved when i heard this. This was the only goot thing he could have said. It was sure that the hijacked guards would let us pay for it, but that is less worse then staying here an extra week or so. And later everyone was going quitly to their cells. All afternoon was quiet, even at supper. Because anyone realised they had so much luck today. The day turned out to be allright after all. I was able to read a book in silence. And now when the murmering has started again, it’s even more quiet than normal. I’ll stop now, I’m tired. I hope we hear some good news about the new teacher or else the next 3 weeks will be boring.

Goodnight, .....

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