Fox hunting

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Fox Hunting
Once upon a time hunting was a normal thing to do to stay alive. For a balanced diet meat was essential and the soil did not provide enough food to support large populations. For the survival of today, we just go to the grocery store and the butcher and mankind lives happily ever after. These days hunting is a sport, although many people against fox hunting would argue that this is not a sport at all, but a cruel pastime. The hunting crowd uses many arguments why it is important to conduct hunting on the country side and in the forests, and the fox hunters among them are the biggest promoters of their "so called" sport.

The fox hunters, which are numerous in England, tell us that their sport prevents plagues on the country side and stimulates land owners to take care of their properties in a proper way. The question can be asked whether these benefits out weigh the negative factors of fox hunting. The supporters of this cruel "so called" sport also mention that it is good for the breeders of hunting dogs and horses specialised in cross country running. Others argue that it helps business men in developing their networks. Unreliable sources whisper that local doctors benefit by treating sore bottoms after the hunting parties. Children use to say that the dogs love to run and hunt after animals, but their hunting parents do not tell them about the cruelty when a pack of dogs jump on the poor animal to rip it to pieces.

The last argument, the cruelty, is used by the those against fox hunting to stop this horrible pastime. Although the foxes are clever, as we have been taught during childhood, they are not clever enough to outrun a pack of hunting dogs and numerous horses with humans mounted on top, who occasionally blow the horn as a background tune. Why are human beings sometime treating animals so badly? The way in which the hunt is conducted by the hunters appeals to their lower instincts. Unfortunately, those against fox hunting and animal abuse in general, sometime use violent ways to get their message through. Also in respect of the "violent" animal lovers one can refer to the lower instincts of mankind. Comparable behaviour can be observed with the anti-abortus movement.

I would like to express the wish that peace on earth reaches all corners of the globe and all beings that live on it, including foxes.


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