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  • 6 juni 2003
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I will tell you something about China today. In these days if we think of China we think of Sars. The virus started in a provence of China, Quang Dong, if China was more onhest in the beginning it never would have been so bad. The worry with this virus is that if it spreads to the little villages it could cost many lives. Sars is a longue virus, they think it stared by chickens and the virus mutated in human beiings.

My question is: Why started in China? You have to be in China to believe how bad the hygiene in most cities is, i do not talk about cities as Shang hai or Hong Kong. Families live together with 10 people in little houses. They sometimes do not even have toilets and if they have one they don't flush it. They (ofcourse not everybody) don't wash there hands after using the bathroom. They spit on the floor, because they think spitting is good to bring bad things out of the body. Many peopple get scared, you can see that a lot of things change in the last couple of weeks. Shops closed down, nobody was allowed to go out in China. And if you look at a city as Hong Kong, nobody goes to restaurants or shops, avoiding all crowded areas. Schools closed down a lot of foreign companies send their employees back home. Now the World Hailth Organisations lifted the travel and hopefully tourist will come back and companies will have faith in the situation. If you look at the country itself, it’s the country of the future with its cheap infrastructure. Almost all big foreing companies invest in China because of cheap labours. Most of your clothes come probably from China even the label will tell that it comes from Italy of France. Ofcourse the chinese gouvernment stimulates this move. When a company like Philips establish in a city as Hong Kong, it creates a lot of jobs. By the increase of jobs their own consumption increases to. Think about how many people live in China, you must thing how it is if al those people go to the Mac Donalds, or buy a mobile phone. Companies are attracted by that. If you compare China with the Netherlands their national income are the same. But in it increases every day, China is certainly a country of the future.


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