A kestrel for a knave door Barry Hines

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Boekcover A kestrel for a knave
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Boekcover A kestrel for a knave
A kestrel for a knave door Barry Hines
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Billy and his brother Jud are sleeping in the same bedroom. Suddenly the alarm rang and they woke up. The have a little fight because Jud doesn’t want to set the alarm for Billy. Later that morning Billy went to the City Road and entered a shop. Billy works there for mr. Porter. He delivers news papers and magazines. Mr Porter is a strict man and very nice to his customers. Billy steals two chocolate bars from the shop because he hadn’t had breakfast. While he delivers the magazines, he reads a comic called Desperate Dan. Billy’s mom wants Billy to get some fags. He doesn’t want to. Mom gets mad and Billy runs away and goes to school. After school he can’t get home because mom locked the door. Later that day he met a hawk. He called her Kes. He goes to the library for some books about hawks.
Jud sees him reading and throws the book into the living room. The papers came out. And he also make Billy cry. Mrs Casper is at Billy’s house and Jud goes out. Later Mrs. Casper also leaves. It was at a Saturday when Jud got home drunk. Billy had an flashback. He was thinking: “Billy went outside in the middle of the night. In the woods he met an owl. He goes to the kestrel’s-nest. He picked the one out with the most and longest feathers.” Billy went to his school they all must sing a song. And the teacher got mad at him because he felt asleep. He was dreaming: “Billy trained his bird and shows him to a little boy. He tells him scary stories and the boy gets afraid.” Billy is punished by Mr. Gryce. Billy’s teacher is called Mr. Farthing. He asked the class if the would tell an interesting story. Billy tells him about his kestrel. Mr. Farthing is impressed and would like to come and watch. The also must write a story and he wrote the opposites of his own life. In the afternoon he fought with MacDowell. Mr Farthing came to the fight and gets angry at MacDowell. Billy is crying, and he is talking with Mr. Farthing. Billy likes his teacher. Farthing asked if he might come that evening to watch the Kestrel. Billy is okay with that. Billy played with soapbells in the toilets. The gymnastic-teacher called Mr. Sugden gets angry at Billy because he had to buy gymnastic-clothes but he couldn’t because he had no money for that. Mr. Sugden told him to get a job. But he already had a job but his pay is not that much. While Mr Sugdan and Billy are playing a dog runs on the field. Mr Sugdan want to beat him with a cricket. Billy said: ‘No, don’t do that!.’ The dog is playing with the ball. Billy is clicking his tongue on the roof of his mouth. The dog came to him and Billy takes the dog out of the field. When he comes back it is 3-2 for Manchester, but it’s fast 3-3. It was Billy’s fault. Then there is a penalty. It is 3-4 for the spurs. They are ready and they have to shower. Billy doesn’t, he hasn’t got a towel. He wants to go away fast but Mr Sugdan sees that and he says it is compulsory to shower. Mr Sugdan puts the cold water tap on. Billy climbed on the wall and goes home because he has to feat his Kestrel. Then Mr Farthing comes to see his kestrel. Mr Farthing says that he’s really interesting. He likes it very much. Billy explains him things. At the afternoon Mr Farting ask Billy if he wants to drive with him by car. Billy doesn’t want that. He sees a voucher on the chimney. It is of Jud. Billy has to set in, in the Betting Shop. He goes to the Betting shop. He tosses for himself. Coin = to stay outside and head = to go inside. He tossed three times. It is head and he goes inside. He asks a person who works there how much the horses are and what chance they have. They don’t know there and he doesn’t bet the money. He goes outside and buys chips and fish. He gets more chips because it is the end of the day. He also asks for dustbin. He goes to the butcher. He give the butcher a chip. The butcher knows about the hawk. He gets food for free. With the last money he bought cigarettes and matches. He goes to school. While he sit in the classroom he sees Jud and Billy get panic. The teacher thinks he’s ill but Billy says he’s all right. The bell.. Billy walks in and round school. He goes through a door and turns off the light. He hid himself. A bit later he came out. He sees Tibbut, and Billy asks him if he has seen Jud. He has, but he isn’t here anymore. Billy has to come by Mr Gryce. Gryce is very angry at Billy because he has missed classes. Billy said that he was sick and was going outside for a fresh breath. Billy has to go to the medical room. When he is in the room, there is a boy before him with his mother. He’s next and goes inside. The man told Billy things about work. Billy doesn’t listen. Billy wants to go, and stand up. The Mr says that he haven’t ever seen a lad like this. Billy gets out the office. He runs home, he feels something and now it’s sure: Kes is gone. He looked for Jud in the whole house but he can’t find him. He go to Mrs Rose. Billy asked her if she had seen Jud. She has seen Jud, but it was a couple of minutes ago. Billy is crying and looking forward. He often yelling: KES, KES, KES! Billy go to the trees and Kes isn’t there. He return home and Jud is also at home. Billy ask Jud if he have seen kes. Jud says that Kes is in the t’bin. Billy looked there and he sees that Kes is dead. Jud tries to protect himself: I wouldn’t kill the hawk, but the hawk bit and scratched me. The reason was first that you had stolen my money. I wanted that the hawk gets free, but he still bit and scratched me. I shouted kes and he was dead. The mother is also in the room. They don’t understand. Billy is swinging with the hawk above his head. The mother tries to be angry at Jud and while Billy go to his mother, the mother pushed him away of her. Billy walks away. He walks in the city. Then he sees the cinema. The cinema is closed. He goes inside through a small broken window. It’s very soggy and horrible. He came in the cinema and it is there very cold. He sits in the chair and there he gets his last flashback:

He goes to the cinema with his father. He thinks that he sees himself on the screen. They have a very nice night an Billy was very happy. When they came back, his mother and his uncle were laying on the sofa. It was a big shock. Billy has to go upstairs and he heard a lot of very angry words. He heard his dad come upstairs, he sees him in the door-post with his suitcase. He walks away. Billy never saw him again.

In April he is out of school and he is working in the mines. He buries his hawk in a field.

End of story


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