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Press Office of
Das Deutsche Reich  DIE TRIOMF  Monday 18 November 1944
capitalistic beasts. At the moment our forces are
from planes above Arnhem. doing their best to fight them, and it looks like victory is near. 
Officers of Das Third Reich greets a Polish general. 
Photo from the Press Office
sisions and 3000 tanks were put to good use and within 6 days Poland was liberated from the tyranny and Germany was able to retrieve land taken by scums of the
West. Führer Hitler appointed Arthur Greiser to become
Chef der Zivilverwaltung of the new military districts. 
Winston Churchil: An overview
Winston Churchill, a man so powerful,ruling a country so weak. Churchill was born on the 30th of November 1874. From that moment all his ideas were brainwashed by his capitalist parents. Winston had served a lot of years in the British army, he went to Cuba, India, Sudan and South Africa. After a lot of war he became an important man in the government starting as Leader of a political party. In 1940 he took power of the capitalistic nation Britain and until now he has been fighting against our great nation. 
Our great Führer was born on 2 August 1934, and after he outsmarted his teachers on art school Hitler went to serve the German army. After being promoted to Gefreiter he received the Military Cross. After WW1 he saw the trouble Germany was coping with. Unemployment was very high and
Germany lost a lot of land after the capitalists made sure Germany signed the Treaty of Versailles. The government at that time was bribed to sign the treaty and weaken Germany as fast as possible so the capitalists could invade Germany. Hitler saw this problem and joined the NSDAP in 1920. In 1923 the government saw Hitler as a treat to their plan to ruin Germany and imprisoned him. Later the judges saw the error they made and released Adolf Hitler. On the 24 October 1929, Germans around the country experienced how depended it was on capitalistic countries. When the stock market crashed in New York, millions of people lost their job. Germany needed a strong leader, and within weeks Hitler was appointed as the Führer and rescuer of Germany.
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This week I was pleased to discover that the NSDAP also has a Dutch division : The NSB. This party is one of the few parties in the Netherlands who understood that the country was in need of a strong leader, and that leader was not the Dutch leader. When the Netherlands agreed the Führer was a better leader then the current one, it asked for the fusion of Belgium, Vlaanderen and the Netherlands to a Great Netherlands. However, the Führer first wanted to provide jobs instead of putting effort in fusing the country. The NSB helped people in need during the crisis in 1940 and made sure the Netherlands became stable again. 
eradicated them and As mentioned above in the column of van Binkhuize, groups we can live on to be like the Resistance are a big problem in das Reich. The army a peaceful nation.  need more men in the army to combat problems and to make sure the Resistance cannot gain food stamps to steal food  from the people in need. 
The weather will stay the same over the coming WEATHER FORECAST weeks, and in Rotterdam the temperatures will reach

a maximum of 13 degrees. Rain is expected in the completed country, except in the northern provinces.
Ministerium für Tourismus Angelegenheiten 
 Relax and take the train to Berlin
 Eat real Bratwurst and drink official German Beer®
 Or maybe take a scenic bike route along the Rine 

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Starting on Friday, clouds from the Northern countries will start to form above the Netherlands and will cause severe rain and thunder. Stay in your home on Friday and do NOT use your gas appliances in your home. DO NOT leave your home. This storm will end on Saturday morning. © Regierung Wetter Büro 


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