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Sturen mensen in jouw appgroep ongevraagd naaktbeelden door?

Weinig mensen zitten te wachten op ongevraagde naaktbeelden, maar toch worden ze massaal doorgestuurd. Het verspreiden van zulke beelden is eenvoudig, maar kan grote gevolgen hebben voor degene over wie het gaat. Het is dus belangrijk om in actie te komen als je ongevraagd naaktbeelden van iemand hebt ontvangen. Weten wat jij het beste kunt doen? 

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Admire: bewonderen
Synonym: - He is looking at the great painting and admiring it, because it is very beautiful.

Adoration: aanbidding, liefde,. verering
Synonym: worship, reverence
The adoration I feel for my mother is very large, I think she’s perfect.

Apprehensive: ongerust, vrees
Synonym: worried, anxious
When I don’t come home, my parents feel apprehensive. They are worried and think that something happened to me.

Arithmetic: rekenkunde
Synonym: - Arithmetic is the first thing you learn when studying math.

Assault: geweldpleging, aanval, bestorming, aanranding, mishandeling
Synonym: violate, assail, attack. If you hit someone you can go to jail for assault.

Assertive: stellig, beslist, zelfverzekerd, aanmatigend
Synonym: self-assured, self-confident
If you are confident, you probably are also assertive.

Atrocious: gruwelijk, monsterachtig, wreed
Synonym: terrible, abysmal
The man had blood all over his face and had no eyes anymore, it looked atrocious!

Astonish: verbazen
Synonym: amaze
I never expected you to do that, it’s amazing, I am really astonished.

Accessible: bereikbaar, toegankelijk
Synonym: approachable, passable
Jim and Jamai aren’t accessible for fans, they are protected.


Bauxite : bauxiet
Synonym: - Aluminum contains bauxite.

Bay window: erker
Synonym: - When the sun shines through the bay window, the house is very bright.

Blurry: klad, veeg, waas, vage omtrekken, uitwisselen, bekladden, bezoedelen, vervagen. Synonym: unclear, When I don’t wear my glasses everything is blurry.


Chauvinist: chauvinist
Synonym: patriot
A Chauvinist is someone who adores his own country.

Crusaders: activisten, kruisvaarders
Synonym: activists
The crusaders made a trip over the sea.


Disobey: ongehoorzaam zijn. Synonym: - If you don’t follow the rules you are disobeying the rules.

Dull: saai, stom, somber, lusteloos, idioot, dof, somber worden. Synonym: apathetic, lifeless, boring
This book is dull, it’s too long and it’s boring.

Devour: verteren, verkroppen, verslinden
Synonym: bolt, swallow
I devoured the chocolate cake because it was so delicious.

Disgraceful: schandelijk
Synonym: shameful, outrageous, scandalous
It’s disgraceful if you pee in the wild, that’s forbidden and it’s disgusting.


Embolism: embolie, verharding, verkalking. Synonym: hardening, An embolism is a hardening of the arteries.

Emerge: verschijnen, opduiken
Synonym: appear, show up, turn out
The secret page emerged after you had keyed in the secret code.

Synonym: gourmet
If you can taste very well, and eat almost everything, you are an epicure.

Estimate: raming, schatting, taxeren, begroten op
Synonym: value, appraisal, adjust
I think the result is 450 but it is not exact, it’s only an estimate.

Excruciate:folteren, ondraaglijk
Synonym: torture, agonize, torment, afflict
When I broke by leg I was in excruciating pain.

Expel: verdrijven, verjagen, verwijderen
Synonym: pass, chase away, eliminate
The people expelled the monster, it never came back.


Foyer: foyer
Synonym: hall, portal, lounge
When we went to the party, we put our coats in de foyer.

Furniture: meubilair, huisraad, hang en sluit waar, beslag, inhoud, uitdrager
Synonym: household effects, property
The couch, the TV, the chairs etc. are part of our furniture.


Grudge: wrok, misgunnen
Synonym: envy, dislike. I’m holding a grudge against you, I won’t talk to you anymore.

Gherkin: augurk
Synonym: pickle, sweet pepper. A Gherkin taste sweet or sour and it looks like a little green zucchini.

H: ---


Interfere: bemoeien met, belemmeren, in botsing komen, tussen beide komen, verstoren. Synonym: mediate, arbitrate, intercede
Don’t interfere with us, we are in a very important meeting and it doesn’t concern you.

Immoral: onzedelijk, immoreel. Synonym: abandoned, vicious, wicked, licentious, bad
When men cheat on their wives, that is immoral.

J: ---

K: ---

L: --- Lush: sterke drank, zuippartij, dronkelap, weelderig, mals, dronken voeren, zuipen. Synonym: drunken, drunkard, luxurious
The lush drank too much beer, he is drunk.


Multilayered: uit veel lagen bestaand. Synonym: - The earth is multilayerd, it is composid of many types of soil.

N: ---


Occur: gebeuren, voorkomen, invallen, opkomen bij. Synonym: happen, exist, remember
It occurs to me that this homework is pretty hard.


Preserve: wildpark, eigen viswater/gebied, bewaren, beschermen, redden, goed houden, inmaken, voor eigen gebruik houden, conserveren, behoeden voor. Synonym: conserve, maintain. I preserve the cheese in a container so it stays fresh.

Prodigy : wonder (kind) Synonym: miracle, wonder
Mathilda is a prodigy, she knows much more than normal kids at that age.

Q: ---


Reluctant: onwillig, met tegenzin, opkijken tegen
Synonym: recoil, balk, grudgingly unwillingly
I’m reluctant to give my daughter the car, because I don’t think she is ready to drive alone.


Submerge: onder water zetten, onder dompelen, onder duiken, onder water gaan. Synonym: deluge, drown, sop, dunk, plunge, inundate. The ducks submerge when they see a dog; underwater they can’t be seen or attacked.

Source of: bron van (energie, licht, leven etc) Synonym: starting point, origin
A lamp is a source of light.

Stench: stank, onaangename lucht. Synonym: awful smell
The dog’s poop smells awful, it’s a terrible stench.


Tadpole: kikkervisjes
Synonym: pollywogs
A baby frog is called a tadpole; it looks like a little black creature with a tail.

U: Unsuited: ongeschikt, niet passend bij
Synonym: incompetent, unfit
Amy and Peter are unsuited for each other; Amy likes dogs and Peter is allergic to dogs.

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W: ---

X: ---

Y: ---

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