The dark shadow

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The Title of my book is : The dark Shadow

The story is about a young couple, Jimmy who is eighteen, his wife Liz ( seventeen) and there baby son Nicky( six-month).
Jimmy and Liz know each other a very long time. They used to sit next to each other in school, passing love-notes. A few years later they were still going out together.
Jimmy worked in a shoe factory and Liz got pregnant. So they had to get married. Jimmy’s parents haven’t spoken to either of them since, Liz’s parents weren’t to pleased about it. And then Jimmy lost his job at the shoe factory.

Jimmy and his wife were always arguing because he had no job and no money. Liz is always tired because the baby’s always crying. And Jimmy loves the booze (alcohol). One they when Jimmy and Liz were arguing again Jimmy went to drink in the bar and then went to the park on a dark wet night. And set on a park bench. There he met Old Billy Beer-Bottle. He was wrapped in a newspaper to keep him warm and he stank of stale beer. In the park Jimmy and old Billy had a little chat. Billy told him to stay away from the booze, or he will end up like old Billy. So Old Billy Beer-Bottle sent Jimmy home to his lovely wife and son. That night jimmy could not fall a sleep. He was wondering how Old Billy got like he was and why. He was like a dark shadow lying ahead of him.

One evening Jimmy sat in the park so long that it began to get dark. Then old Billy came shuffling along and sat down beside Jimmy. That day Old Billy pulled out a bundle of notes out of his pocket. Ten-pound notes, done up with rubber bands. He put a bundle in Jimmy’s hands. Never in his life Jimmy held so much money-or ever seen it. He tried to give Billy the money back, but Billy got angry with him. Billy started crying and shouting. “You keep it. I don’t need it. I’ve got plenty.” Then Billy puts his fingers to his lips and said , “Now, don’t you go telling anyone about old Billy’s money will you ?. Jimmy shook his head. “Your secret is safe as houses with me, Billy.”

At first Jimmy didn’t spend the money. He went back to the park a few times to find old Billy. But he wasn’t there. Then one morning he passed a jeweller’s and bought a silver necklace for Liz. When he got home and gave Liz her present she was angry with him, because they couldn’t even buy food and here Jimmy stands with a very expensive necklace. Liz pushed him away and yelled at the top of her voice. “I’ve had enough of you. I can’t take it anymore. You don’t even try to get a job. I shall go and look for a job myself.” This time Jimmy drowned his sorrows with some of Billy’s money. He didn’t go home for three days, he stayed at a flat of his friend Andy. When he went home nobody was home. No sign of life. No food in the fridge. Just a note, which said:
Dear Jim,
I’m fed up sitting at home waiting for you to come in drunk. I’ve gone up to mum’s place. I’ve found a job as a waitress in the café two doors up from mum’s flat. Liz.

For the next few days Jimmy tried to find a job. He bought a local paper to read the job adverts. Then suddenly a small headline caught his eye. It read: TRAMP FOUND BATTERED TO DEATH.
His stomach turned over. He just knew who the tramp was…………




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