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* Engels, Portfolio 2 *
• Naam: J K

• Klas: scw3u 21+

• Opleiding: Sociaal Cultureel Werk

• Toetscode: 403.03

• Naam docent: M. B

Engels Portfolio, 27-01-‘09
* Inleiding *
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Clean and Green

Pollution of the Earth;

• In Holland we have less rubbish on the streets or in the parks, than other countries in the world.
Butt we still have a lot to clean up. Like rubbish in parks or places where tourist come.

• I think we can help the world with it’s rubbish and pollution. Because we can do it and we know what to do.
We can support other countries and organizations with this problem, we got the money and the knowledge to help.

• I think it’s necessary to do something about the pollution of the world, because then the world will less long. And it’s better for us and the animals.

• We have to do something fast about it, because the jungle and the ocean are going down under this pollution problem.

So start with yourself and your rubbish, and SAVE the world.

* Map opdr. 13 ( werkboek blz. 84 ) *
Discussion ( Disabled people )

People with any form of physical impairment cannot raise children as well as able- bodied people.


1. Impaired people can raise children, because you can adjust everything in your house and such like.

2. These impaired people are not dumb, they’re not psychological impaired.

3. These people can love and raise their children, with or without two legs.

4. These people can raise children, you can see it on TV and other documentaries.

5. When some-one is physically disabled that some-one can be or not be a good parent. An able-bodied people can also be or not be a good person.
So when can you raise children

I think every-one can raise children, as long as you love them and care for them.

* Map opdr. 15 ( werkboek blz. 105 ) *
Making arrangements

Straat 1
1111 AA, Leiden

Leiden, 27th of januari 2009

Good school 12
1111 HH, Greenhouse

- Arrangements discussion

Dear Headmaster,

I’m writing you for the following, to confirm the arrangements we had about the special care for Matthew.

1. What to do when Matthew has a seizure; you just have to talk to him and let him know that you are there for him. ( but remember communication is difficult in a seizure )

2. Explain Matthew’s situation to the other children;
• Explain about his seizure;
That it is normal for Matthew, and that the school knows what to do.
• About his communication problem
• His learning disability

3. Medicine;
• When Matthew has a big seizure, give him his medicine in small doses.

4. Safety measures;
• When he has a seizure, you have to put him on a soft surface
( because Matthew can hurt himself )
• Talk to him
• Don’t put too much pressure on the boy ( like pushing him too far )
• Give him his medicine when needed.

5. How to treat Matthew in general;
• Don’t put too much pressure on the boy.
• Talk slowly.
• Be always alert for a seizure.

Yours, Emma

* Map opdr. 17 ( werkboek blz. 120/121 ) *
Stories from young refugees

Straat 1
1111 AA, Leiden

Leiden, 3rd of February 2009

Nameless Kurd
Kurdstan 22
1111 KK, Happydays

- Seeking for asylum

Dear Nameless Kurd,

I’m writing you, because I can feel the pain you have to suffer.

I can feel how fucked up it is to lose your family. The war has to stop, innocent people die for nothing. And people like you have to suffer this great pain and loss.

Maybe I can help or support you, tell me what to do. I can send you some money if it will help you a little. You just have to get yourself to get her, Maybe you have to move yourself to another country.

Listen Kurd, If you can you have to get out of there, because you can have it better some where else. Believe me everything is better then the condition where you in now.

Holland is a very good country without wars and corruption. So if you like to move out, this is just a suggestion.

I hope that this will help you out a little, and you can always write me.

Lots of luck out there!

Yours John


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