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The Dream Doctor , flex assigment no 1 , 4 HAVO
september 2009

1. Dream Dictionary
Death: Symbol for change.
Mothers of toddlers often dream of accidents, with death, befalling a child.
The dreams are a mother’s concern for child’s safety.
Dreaming own death symbolizes an inner metamorphosis and an evolution of development.
Old ways are passing away; new self-discoveries are coming.
I'm almost sure this is true, i believe what they say.

Victim: Symbol of helplessness.
If you are the victim, you may be feeling helpless in the face of an emotional attack.
I don't know if i think this is true or not true.

Bomb: Are you nervous about an explosion? This is a warning!
Identify the accident waiting to happen and take steps to survive.
Bombs also can symbolize emotional instability, when we're uncertain about the future: will we survive?
Destruction due to bombs can represent aftermath of emotional attack or abuse, in present or past.
I think this can be true, but it's not always sure that it's a warning.

2. How to Remember Dreams
You have to wake up very slowly, because you can the connection with your thoughts (wich aren't aware to you) prolong when you do that.
Thats why it's good to lie still in bed for a few minutes longer, without talking and keeping your eyes closed to think about what is was, what your dream was about.
If you don't remember immediately something of the dream you had, it's important to keep trying to evaluate your feelings.

3. The Dream Quiz
My score from the Dream Quiz is that I've got 10 from the 10 questions answered good in a time of 35 seconds.
I had all of the questions answered good. It wasn't a difficult quiz. It were questions with logical answers.

4. School Report FAQ's
- When you dream, your brain grows, because the neurons excite.
New-born babies dream around 8 hours a day.
Warm-blooded creatures, like cats, dogs, horses, birds and dolphins, have REM sleep.

- It looks like you sometimes got a dream, because we aren't good in remembering dreams, but you dream about 100 minutes a night. That is more than one and a half our a night, thats longer than the length of most movies we watch on tv.

- When you dream your body is paralyzed, but your body still respond on it (with the exception of breathing and heart rate). Because we think it's real when something happens in a dream. Than we can, just like in real life, get nervous or scared.

5. Better Sleep Now!
Nightmares affect between 20-39% of all children between the ages of 5 and 12. Dr. Hartmann says that nightmares in children, with emphasis on monsters, frequently represent the unknown, and the perils of navigating a world full of adults. Parents often worry that nightmares and night terrors reflect emotional distress, but this is rarely. If the nightmares affect a child’s ability to function during waking hours a doctor’s intervention might be necessary.


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