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Beoordeling 4.7
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  • 10 juli 2007
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Op vind je niet alleen maar informatie voor een werkstuk over duurzaamheid, maar ook 12 challenges om je steentje bij te dragen aan een beter klimaat. Douche jij komende week wat korter of daag je jezelf uit om een week vegetarisch te eten? Kom samen in actie!

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Opdracht 2:

I waz blackmailed,
By a black witch,
With black magic,
An black lies,
Branded by a black sheep
I slaved as a blacksmith
Near a black spot
Where I suffered blackwater fever.
Blacklisted as a blackleg
I waz in the black book
As a master of black art,
It was like black death

People called me blackjack
Some hailed me as black wog,
So I joined de black watch
Trained as a black guard
Lived off the white economy.

Caught and beaten by de black shirts
I waz condemned to a black mass
Don’t worry, I shall be writing to the White house.

Opdracht 10:
Dead by a voodoo ritual.

A West-Indian man was found dead, after what had apparently been a voodoo ritual.
They know this because of the circumstances of the death. The man was found in Birmingham area near a little park. The man was 43 years old and he has two children.
These children haven’t got a father for the rest of their live. The face of the man was expressed a terrible fear. How can we live normally when this happen. You can’t do what you want because other people don’t accept it. You can only live normally when you behave yourself just like everyone. In reality, voodoo is a product of the slave trade. Whites forbade slaves to practise their native religions on pains of torture and death. So they baptized slaves as Catholics. Voodoo originates from the Caribbean country of Haiti. It is a mixture of the West-African and Roman religions.

Grammar 9.4
1. will get married

2. would go
3. would have come
4. would be
5. will be
1. If it rains, we will stay home
2. What would you do, if that happened?
3. If I knew, I would tell you.
4. If we had known this before, we would not have come.
5. If he would work harder, he could get tar.

1. will
2. will
3. would
4. would
5. will
6. would
7. would
8. would have
9. would have
10. would

Opdracht 13
Subject: Replay your Aids story

Dear Alisa,

I am really sorry for you and your husband. You’ve been trough a very rough time. It is very difficult to marry a man, who you aren’t in love with. But I have a question for you, who infected you and your husband? Was it your husband, or the friend of him, who you slept with a time ago? I think it is very good to talk about that affair. He was very mad, wasn’t he? I would be very mad too, if I was in the same situation as him.
How did your husband came involved with drugs? You said he became involved with it again, so when was the first time? Where you with him that time?
Your husband is positive for ten to twelve years. That is very weird! Didn’t he feel sick or anything? Didn’t you noticed anything? When he was infected, was you infected already then? Because then the affair with you husband’s friend cab be the cause.
Good luck with everything!

Best regards,

Grammar 9.12:
1. tried, weren’t
2. stopped
3. caught
4. ate
5. lay
6. Dis you sleep
7. did not have
8. arrived, was listening
9. set
10. ward lying
11. was downloading, crashed

1. meant, met
2. said, was, were lost, told
3. was investigating, came
4. were not paying
5. brought
6. was sinking, decided
7. are you bringing

Opdracht 17:
Chess is a competitive game for two players. Today, chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide in clubs, online, by correspondence (mail and e-mail), in tournaments (amateur and professional). Aspects of art and science are found in chess composition and theory. So that’s the reason why I like it. I play chess very often with my father. It is a very difficult game. The game is played on a square the chessboard. At the start, each player ("white" and "black") controls sixteen pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king.

Opdracht 19:
The colonial period
The early 1600 saw the beginning of a great tide of emigration from Europe to North America. The first English immigrants to what is now the United States crossed the Atlantic long after thriving Spanish colonies had been established in Mexico, the West Indies, and South America. The first permanent English settlement in America was a Trading post founded in 1607 at Jamestown, in the Old Dominion of Virginia. Most European emigrants left their homelands for greater economic opportunity. During the religious upheavals of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a body of men and women called Puritans sought to reform the Established Church of England from within. Political considerations also influenced many people to move to America. No social stigma was attached to a family that had its beginning in America under this semi-bondage. The result was a unique culture, a blend of English and continental European conditioned by the environment of the New World

Assignment 26
Maloe & Laura
We have chosen the 12th case:
Rita is separated from her husband. Her son has been living with her husband in Jamaica and her husband has remarried. Her son is extremely unhappy and complains that his stepmother beats him. Rita wants to join her in England.

I: Hello.
CO: Hello.
I: Can I get a Visa?
CO: A visa? For which country?
I: For England
CO: And for who do want a visa?
I: For my son
CO: And what is the reason?
I: I am divorced. My husband is remarried, and now my son complains his stepmother beats him. And I want him here with me. He is raised in England. I know for sure that he will be a lot happier here than in Jamaica.
CO: You requested for a visa earlier, isn’t it?
I: Yes, but my ex-husband has the custody. So I didn’t get a visa.
Co: And why does he has the custody?
I: Because there isn’t any evidence that she really beats him. Instead that my ex-husband supported me, he claimed that I am abusing my son, but that isn’t true! And I know for sure that my son will be a lot happier in England with me.
CO: Maybe we can make an exception for you. If you fill in this form, I’ll do my best for you.
I: Thank you a lot!

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