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Twijfel je nog over jouw studiekeuze?

Of heb je hulp nodig bij het inschrijven? Bezoek dan onze Extra Open Avond op 7 juni. Kom een kijkje nemen en voel hoe het is om te studeren bij Hogeschool Inholland. Wij staan voor je klaar! 

Meld je aan!

F : Hello how can i help you?

S : I would like a reservation in the Hilton.

F : Okay in which month would you like to come?

S : In July , if possible.

F: Yes you can, July 14 , 15, 16, 17 are still available

S : No, these dates I can’t, I have a session with my therapist on my anger management.

F : Sorry sir, there are no other days available in July .

S : What, that is not possible. I have never seen anything like this.

F : Oops, I feel that these sessions are really necessary. I will see if we have no days at the end of June. You can stay here between 20 June and 2 July if that’s all right for you?

S : Yeah, that sounds pretty good.

F : Would you like a single or a double room and half or full board ?

S : A single room with full board please.

F : Which breakfast would you like?

S : There is a choice between breakfasts ?

F : Yes, you can have a continental breakfast & there is also the possibility to have a full English breakfast.

S : Can you explain the difference please?

F : When you have a continental breakfast there is fruit, coffee, toast. But when you have an English breakfast there are sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, baked beans and bacon.

S : Oh I would like the English breakfast.

F : Would you like anything else?

S : Yes, I’ve got some questions about the hotel. Is there a bathroom in my room?

F : yes, there is a big one, with a shower, a bath, everything you need.

S : And what facilities are there?

F : We have a pool with (a?) waterslide, a fitness room and in the evening is the club open where you can drink and party.

S : In the pool is a swimming cap required ?

F : No, it isn’t

S : Okay thanks that’s all I wanted to know.

F : Can I have your name and email address so we can send you your information?

S : Yes of course my name is ***** ***** And my email is **********@hotmail.com

F : We send you everything as soon as possible, thank you for choosing the Hilton Hotel.

S : Bye


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