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Engelse mondeling
Dialogen hoofdstuk 1-9
- I’m from the Netherlands. Are you English?
- Well, not really. I’m here on a schooltrip. That lot over there is my class.
- It shows, doesn’t it? that tall man with the moustache is my maths teacher. The
woman beside him teaches English.
- It’s called ‘havo’.
- It’s a type of secondary school; it’s a five-year training for certain types of higher

- Let’s see: Dutch, English enz.
- I like English, but i also find geography very interesting. I hate physics. What
school do you attend?
- I’m in my final year. I’m going in for my exams in May. Do you like this place?
- Most students in my class prefer modern music. I like all sorts of music, even
classical music now and then. Well, let’s walk in.
- We’re from Holland/The Netherlands. We are here on a schooltrip.
- (Yes, we have). We have been to Madame Tussaud’s and the Tower and the British Museum.
- Do you live in London?
- Were you born and bred here?
- A what? (what do you mean?)
- So Cockneys talk (speak) Cockney, don’t they?
- One pint of bitter and a tonic, please.

- Yes, I do.
- Did Aristotle have a drinking problem? I don’t see the connection. Aristotle was a philosopher, wasn’t he?
- I see (understand): ‘Aristotle’ rhymes with ‘bottle’. (Do you have/Have you got) any idea who started it?
- So Cockney rhyming slang is something that (has) evolved starting from the sixteenth century. Could you give me another example of rhyming slang?
- Let me see, ‘rub a dub’ rhymes with ‘pub’, and ‘trouble and strife’ must be …your wife!
- Could you first of all tell us when you started this Neighbour Watch project?
- What does NW imply?
- So lots of people don’t have the slightest idea who are (is) living next door (who there neighbours are). Did you organised a party for the whole street? (Did you invite all the people in the street for the party?)
- Did you enlist any professional help?
- Could you say (tell me) a little more about that?
- Did you suspect (that) he was preparing for a robbery or something like that? (Did you suspect (that) he had (any) evil intentions?)
- Do all the people in this area participate (take part)?
- So these people don’t want anyone to pry into their affairs?
- Has crime really decreased in this neighbourhood?
- Where are you from?
- Where’s that (situated)?
- Are you one holiday there?
- Sports is very important in American universities, isn’t it?
- I play badminton and I often watch sport on tv.
- I don’t know much about sports but you’re probably right. Is soccer popular in the US?
- Where does basketball tournament take place?
- I’m sorry, but I’m having tournament myself on Saturday.
- Well, better luck next time!
- No, now you mention it. he hasn’t been at school for more then a week. Is he ill?
- What party (do you mean)? I wasn’t invited, obviously.
- I can see what you’re driving at.
- Was it a good (nice) party?
- Did(n’t) Chris call the police?
- I wish I had been there, only to see C’s face. He’s always such a smart alick.
- What do you mean?
- So the police had to leave empty-handed?
- Poor you. I’m glad after all I wasn’t there. But you said C is ill. Has that got to do with the party?
- I’m sorry for C, but on the other hand, he had it coming to him, with that bund of friends if his.
- I’d like to book a double room.
- September the 14th
- Four nights, please.
- How much is the room?
- And is breakfast included?
- I’ll take the room.
- (naam)
- (naam spellen)
- I’ve been looking for a job for some time now, but I cannot say (that) I’ve been very succesful. And I can’t manage on the little pocket money (that) I get.
- Oh, well (I would like a job) in a shop or supermarket, preferably as a cashier. I hate to stand all day.
- Not for me. It’s boring work and you have to be on your feet all day.
- Shoe-shop, that might be interesting. Although, I don’t like sweaty feet. How much do you get paid? The minimum youth wage or less?
- I do want a job, I’ve had lots of jobs. I worked in a filling-station, but I couldn’t stand the smell.
- Well, I use to deliver papers, but I had to get up 5 o’clock in the morning! I prefer to work at an office or a travel agency.
- Why not, I like selling things. By the way, does the boss give discount to his staff?
- A month, I hope I’ll make it. But I’ll certainly give it a try.
- So you used to live is Dordrecht, did you?
- I think so, yes. Why did you decide to emigrate too Canada?
- How romantic. So it was love at first sight, wasn’t it? I thought that didn’t exist any more.
- What can you tell me about your first years in Canada, was it difficult to adapt to the Canadian way of live?
- Was it hard for you to get a job?
- Does the Canadian government still promote immigration?
- Where you ever home-sick in the beginning?
- Would you recommend immigrating to somebody like me?
- Have you ever thought of going back to Holland for good?
- Thank you for you cooperation, you have been very helpful.
- Hi, what a coincidence. Yes, this is Cindy and that must be your brother Paul. No Cindy this isn’t a lion, it’s a tiger. I wish she could read. This is really a tiger.
- The notice here says this is a tiger and she was born in captivity.
- Well at the moment I’m very happy the animal is in the cage, look at her teeth.
- Come on lets walk to the monkeys, although it’s probably very crowd there. The kids always want to go to the monkeys.
- This way I think.
- It certainly does especially the nose. I remember he was always blowing his nose in front of the class. The sound he produced were more elephant like.
- Look Cindy here are the camels. I’ve no idea what the to humps are for. To hold on to when you ride them, I suppose.
- That’s a great idea. There is a stall over there. We can buy some lemonade and get to the sea lions, just in time to see them being fed.


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