Unconditional love

You say I have your unconditional love

Just as free and pure, as a white dove

That you will be my man, walk next to me with pride

That nothing in the world can make you leave my side

You make all these words sounds so true

Just as true as my love is for you

I open my eyes, a bird sings his song

I have to get up, my day has begun


This burning desire to tell you my tale

How much you mean to me

For I dare not fail

The touch of your hand

Seeing your smile

I cannot tell you how much I love this all

As it is never ever lasting long

There will be another guy

Just as sweet or maybe more

I have to stop doing this

My heart is getting sore

I don’t understand this feeling inside

As it is something I cannot hide

Release this feeling or try to tame it all

Whilst not deciding, I continue to fall

Now I shall sleep

The story goes on

With me playing in it

Dreaming till dawn

Faster and Slower

You make my heart beat faster and slower at the same time

I just can’t wait till you are completely mine

These thoughts of you keep haunting my mind

Looking for a good memory, one that I can’t find

It should be over, enough is enough

What happened to you that made you so tough?

It is as if you don’t care that your mine

And that you make my heart beat faster and slower, at the same time

Many types of love

There are many types of love

A type with butterflies in your tummy

Seeing him and thinking yummy

But what if your friends don’t approve

What if they say he is just a goof?

What type of love can be so funny?

That makes you feel butterflies in your tummy?

There are many types of love

But the type I feel

That can’t be real

It is heaven and hell

But no one can tell

What type of love it is I feel

Because it can’t be real


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