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Berlin, April 1945.
The end of the second World War. The country can collapse each moment. Hitler was looking for a new secretary, he chose Traudl Junge from München. She was very happy to be chosen.
2 ½ years later:
The Russians are marching into Berlin so the end of the war is close. 3 million inhabitants are in danger. Hitler, Traudl, Eva and many other SS-officers are hiding in a bunker below the Rijkskanselarij because Berlin is being bombarded. Hitler, called ‘der Führer’, refused to give up so the Russians get closer and closer to them. Hitler gets angry all the time because some of his officers don’t do what he wants. Protection of the city goes down and it becomes very dangerous, but most people in the bunker want to stay with Hitler until the end. Eva organised a party to forget the bad things for a moment but during the party a bomb had fallen close to the bunker, people got in panic. Hitler’s ‘Derde Rijk’ was falling down. Still Hitler refused to leave but he recommended Eva and Traudl to do so. His officers tried to make him realise that they couldn’t win anymore but Hitler had still hope. Hitler needs to get all those 3 million people out of Berlin safely but that’s not what he spends his attention on. Magda Goebbels and her 6 children had arrived.
Then the end was coming very soon, some told Hitler to leave but still he didn’t, others committed suicide but most started drinking alcohol and smoking to keep the pain away. Traudl and Magda wrote letters to their family for if they were dead. Hitler starts to make up his testament which Traudl needs to write. He is going to commit suicide together with Eva after they married. Then he wants to be burned because he doesn’t want to be in the hands of the enemy. He already has pills to commit suicide but he first tries them on the dog, Blondi, indeed the dog dies very fast after that. Hitler now realised that Berlin was going to fall, he said goodbye to all his officers and everybody in the bunker. Some of them he gave a pill as well to be able to commit suicide if they were caught by the Russians. Then he married to Eva and on the same day they made their life to an end. They were burned quickly after that. Many officers followed, most of them took a pill and at the same time shot themselves dead. Magda Goebbels first gave her 6 children a ‘medicin’ to make them sleep, the eldest girl new what was going to happen so she refused but finally her mother managed to let her drink it. Later Magda came back to give them all a pill. One by one she killed her children. After that she and her husband committed suicide as well. Traudl tries to escape through the Russian linie’s and she manages to, together with a boy called Peter, she died in 2002. On the 7th of Mai 1945 the war had ended.


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