The Matrix (1999)

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  • 9 juli 2002
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Title: The Matrix.

Date of viewing: 1999

Length: 92 min.

Age: 16 and over

Explanation of title: A place where things are developed. Rectangular array of quantities in rows and columns that is treated as a single quantity.

The viewed item:

Film / Videotape

Contents of viewed item:

Science fiction / Action movie

Made in:



English / subtitled

Maker’s intention:

Amuse viewers

Main charecter(s):

Thomas Anderson alias Neo (Keanu Reeves)

Trinity (Carrie-anne Moss)

Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne)

Description of one or two of the main characters of the story:


Thomas Anderson Alias Neo, a computer hacker that is trying to find out what the Matrix is. He spends every night behind his computer searching the Internet for answers. When he is contacted by Trinity he meets Morpheus he joins a group of freedom fighters and finally finds out what the Matrix is.

Later in the story Neo finds out that he is the chosen one and is supposed to save the world. Once he realises this he acquires special powers which enable him to change anything within the Matrix.

My own review:


I think that the story was quite well written and was not boring at all.

I thought the character Thomas Anderson / neo was great.

To give him sort of an secret identity was very good.


I thought the actors did their job very well. Especially the fighting scenes where amazing.


The music fitted right in with the movie.

The end,

Very nicely done, but still waiting for the sequel.

What have I done with my viewed item?

Made this mediafile about it. Got the movie and making of… on tape.




dank u voor het verslag, ik heb morgen mondling examen voor Engels en ik wist niet wat ik moest doen.

19 jaar geleden

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