The Matrix (1999)

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  • 4 maart 2009
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The Matrix

Summary of the movie:

Neo is the name of the central figure. Neo isn’t his real name, it’s the name that he used for his illegal actives. He lives two lives, in the first of the two lives he’s a brilliant computer programmer, who works for a great company. This live doesn’t matter him, he’s always late. In his second live he’s a dangerous hacker. He lays whole companies flat, he steal computer-secrets whit this he earns a lot of money. That’s the reason why he’s doing this.

When he was doing this he was fallen in sleep. On his scream appeared: Neo wake up.
He’s scared awake and he wondered himself who this did with its computer. Then the next text on the scream appears: Follow the white rabbit. Someone is knocking on the door; one of the girls has a white rabbit on her arm. He follows her to the disco, where he met Trinity. She told him that she did that whit his computer and that and that she looks up to the answer on the question: what is the Matrix?

When neo wakes up he is again too late on his job. When he’s going to work, become there a mobile phone provides, he has him exactly or he is rung. It’s Morpheus. He told him that he’s in dangerous. Neo did everything what Morpheus asks, but he is nevertheless caught taken.
He becomes approaches Trinity by and Morpheus he must choose between the red and blue pill, blue him makes simply and red late see what the Matrix is. Neo takes the red one.

A time later becomes him awake in a sordid machine he gets to hear what matrix is the word has been a long time ago taken over by machines. People have slightly blocked in the war with the machines of winning it of the sun, in the hope this way. The machines will use however people as batteries. They stopped the bodies in a type stopper contact and the souls were kept under control by stopping them in a huge computer programme: The matrix.
He has therefore complete life in a world have been sat which is not real. He does not believe first, but they can persuade him. They tell him also that he is predestined to save the world, and fight against the agent. That mission runs found oneself finished by a traitor in their middle. Morpheus are caught taken and except Trinity, Neo and tank survived nobody it. She decides deliver Morpheus. Now Neo must fight against an agent. He seems lose firstly, but eventually wins he, and he sees that he changes was and the matrix could see, not in the normal manner but in code, he can also The matrix change. He decides against the agent will fight


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