The Jackal (1997)

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  • 9 december 2001
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Assignment 11 make a filmreview

The Jackal

Factual information about the film

Title: The Jackal
Date: 8-12-2001
Time: 22:30h - 0:25h
Channel: BBC 1
Release year: 1997
Country: America
Stage manager: Micheal Caton-Jones
Actors: Bruce Willis, Richard Gere, Sidney Poitier

Introduction to the setting and the characters / actors

Bruce Willis is the most important person in the whole story. He plays a hire assassin called The Jackal. In the first place, before the movie starts you see a short film. In this film a criminal is in a sort of disco, and is talking with someone. The US Ambassy and the Russian army ( this all plays in Russia) work together to catch that criminal. When they come in, the criminal knows he will be caught, he tries to kill a female Russian cop. She is fighting with him and kills the criminal. In the first place the important actors are introduced, so you already know who they are and what they do before the movie is started. This is helpfully, because it is easier to follow the movie.

Description of the story / plot

In the beginning the Jackal makes a deal with the brother of the killed criminal. He is going to kill Valentina Koslova, thewoman who killed the criminal, and an important person of the FBI. He will do this for $ 70 million. First he is practising for changing his van into another colour as fast as possible. Than he goes to a bank and opens an acount for the money he will get, then he uses their computer to order an automatic riffle. Back in Russia the Russians and Americans are getting Declan Mulgueen, a prisonner, he has killed many women and children and is useful for them to catch the Jackal. But it isn’t easy because he only wants to help when they get him out of jail. Finally he comes with them. They take him to America and are preparing the ‘war’against The Jackal. The mission is: Try to arrest him, do not kill him. The Jackal uses one of his many disguises and he seems like a courier and is getting his gun, acts like he has to bring it to someone else. He is searching for someone very stuppid to try out his automatic riffle. He finds one. They go to a place where nobody ever seems to come, and there the guy has to do thing, if he doesn’t do it good, The Jackal will shoot. Finaaly the guy is killed, and the Jackal knows how to use his riffle. Than they almos catch him, he drives into a parkinggarage and drives to the car wash. He takes the water syringe and he ‘cleans his white van. The paint loses and then he has a red van. He changes the plates, and he loses the guys who try to catch him. Than he goes to the house where the wife of Declan Mulqueen, they aren’t there.

Then the FBI and theRussian cop Valentina Koslova turn up, the Jackal hides himself, then a very loud noise is coming from outside, McMurphy stays inside and Valentina and Witherspoon go outside. When they come back inside McMurphy is killed. Again a loud noise is coming from the livingroom, Valentina hides, when the noise stops alo Witherspoon is killed. She walks into the livingroom, and the Jackal, hiding behind the couch, shoots through it and hits Valentina in her liver. He thinks she will die and leaves the house. Than later Declan and Preston, Preston is also someone from the FBI, come there and find ambulances etc. Valentina dies, but tells Declan The Jackal told here, that they can’t protect the women. Than they discover that the First Lady will visit a hospital for little children and will have a speech. They go to that place by helicopter. Also the Jackal is there diguised like a cop. When the First Lady is talking The Jackal wants to shoot, but he can’t because the FBI has shot his riffle and blows his van. The Jackal escapes to a metrostation. Het diguises like a normal civil. Declan follows him, and can’t find him, when he is on the departure platform he recognises him. The Jackal jumps on the trail and runs away into a tunnel. Declan follows him, then they are on the next station. The Jackal is shooting and takes a thirteenyears old girl as a hostage. The Jackal let’s her go when Declan drops his gun, than Declan’s wife shoot the Jackal, and the Jackal shoots Declan. The Jackal is hurt very bad. When Declan and his wife are lying besides The Jackal, The Jackal tries to kill Declans wife. But Declan is faster and kills The Jackall. At the end they are burrying The Jackal’s body, and Declan and Preston are saying goodbye.

The End

Your reaction and reasons why you liked it

In th beginning the movie is difficult, and I didn’t understand everything. But later on it wasn’t difficult at all. It was very realistic, that’s why I liked it so much. And it was very exciting also. Good music, to create a sphere in every scene. And Bruce Willis acted like a real assasin, when he killed someone, he went on with what he was doing. Bruce Willis was one off the best actors in this movie, I think.


It was a very good and exciting movie. With very good actors. Every scene off the movie is good, it was never boring like you aren’t paying attention to it at all. It stayed interesting untill the end. And that’s important, bacause than it’s easier to watch a movie and make a review. You also remember things better when you are writing the description of the stoy / plot.


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