The Horse Whisperer (1998)

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The title means: The horse whisperer is a man who heals horses and understands them. In this story that is Tom Booker, he's the one who heals Pilgrim.

The story take place in: New York: where Annie lives (she lives there on Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Friday, because she works in New York). Montana: where the range of the Bookers is. Chatham: a village where Grace and her father live, Annie lives there in the weekend

The most important persons are: Grace MacLean: she thinks it's her fault that Judith and Gulliver (horse of Judith) are dead and she blames herself for all the problems she and her parents got into. Because of Tom
The relationship between her and her mother has improved. They start talking again.

Annie MacLean: Grace's mother, she feels guilty because after Grace she couldn't have children any more. She got four miscarriages and she blamed herself for this. After the accident she blames herself for what has happened to Grace. This comes between her and Grace and their relationship is far from good. She feels attracted to Tom, but she doesn't feel guilty about it. It's Tom who brings her and Grace back together

Tom Booker: he's a silent man and doesn't say what he thinks very much. He knows everything about horses and he uses that knowledge to heal Pilgrim. He thinks of other people first, but when he meets Annie he feels something he hasn't felt before. But at first he doesn't give in because she married. At the end of the book they both decide to think of themselves first and then the others.

Do you think the autour made it up? Why do you think so? No because it very realistic and think that are in it can happen in real life.

What did you like best in the movie? The training of the horse how tom does that

Do you like the movie? Why or why not? I like movie because it has a bit drama a bit happy thinks and romance.

Summary: The story is about Grace MacLean, a girl who loves horse riding. She lives with her parents in Chatham. When she goes out for a ride with her friend Judith on their horses, they get involved by a terrible accident. They run into a truck with their horses. Judith and Gulliver, her horse get killed. Grace loses her leg and Pilgrim, her horse is physically and mentally in a bad shape. It's a miracle, but they both got through. After a time of revalidation, Grace's mother Annie MacLean is looking for something that can cure the horse of her daughter, because it seems like Pilgrim is another horse. Grace goes back to school, but she's very unhappy and she can't accept her handicap. Annie finds an article in the library that tells her something about 'horse whisperers' and it tells her that these persons can talk
To animals and help them with their fears. Annie contacts a man called Tom Booker, who's a horse whisperer. Tom Booker lives at a ranch in Montana. Annie asks him to come over to look to Pilgrim and to see what he can do. But he dide want to come. Then Annie got the feeling that the only way for her daughter and the whole family to heal is that Pilgrim must get better. So she decides to travel with Grace and Pilgrim (without Robert, Grace's father) across two states to go to Montana and see Tom Booker. Annie and Grace stayed in a village near the range of the family Booker. Tom Booker finally agreed to help Pilgrim and he is working with Pilgrim to teach him to be a horse again. Grace has to be present with all these sessions. In all that time on the range something happening between Tom and Annie. Also the relationship between Annie and Grace is getting better than. During that stay Annie and Tom had an affair. At that party Grace had a grad time and Tom and her mother danced very closely. The next morning tom d spoke to Annie and she got angry at him her husband was there to and he did saw it and when Pilgrim was ready and they were going to leave he said if you want to stay whit my you come back but until you don’t do you don’t have to come back. Annie and pilgrim were going whit the car back home that’s were the story ends.




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