The Exorcist (1973)

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Moviereport: The Exorcist

Plot summary: The story takes place in the USA, in the house of a actress called Chris MacNeal (Ellen Burstyn). Her daughter Reagan Theresa MacNeal (Linda Blair) is a very gentle girl who never curse and stuff. Her father is in Europe, and she has something with her nerves. A disorder of the nerves. For that she goes to a docter. Who gives her a injection and that’s it. At a moment she start using obscene words. She says to the docter: Get your fingers away from my goddamned cunt. She can’t sleep anymore because of her bed, it goes up and down. It get worse and worse and the doctors don’t have a salution for it. Slowly she turns into a monster. The doctors don’t even know what’s wrong with her. It is much worse than a disorder of the nerves. Then a doctor says that there was also a case in Africa. The person there seemed to be possessed by a demon. The other doctors kind of laugh at him, but Chris takes it serious and goes talking to a priest. The priest named Damien Karras (Jason Miller) just lost his mother. She lived alone and at a moment he transferred her to a hospital. She died there and he thinks it’s his fault. He take a look at Reagan, and she starts talking Latin, French and other languages. He taped it. He still isn’t convinced she’s a possessed. When he played the tape backwards he hears that she called a other priest: Merrin. Now he’s convinced that she’s possessed because Merrin (Max von Sydow) exorcissed the demon in the case in Africa. He goes to the church because if you want to exorcist something you need permission of the church. He got permission, and he is supposed to assist Merrin. First it don’t seems to work. Reagan is tight up. And at a moment she sais with the voice of Karras’s mothers: Why did you do this to me. He walks out of the room and let Merrin alone. When he comes back, Merrin is dead, and Reagan isn’t tight up anymore. He starts a fight with the demon and screams to it: Come in me, devil. A couple of times. And then the demon leaves the body Reagan and comes into the body of Damien. With his last strength he jumps out of the window. With the demon inside of him. Outside the window he falls on a long stair and he died. Reagan can’t remember anything about it. And now it’s all finished they move to LA. Director: William Friedkin.

In which year the movie was in the cinema: In 1973.

Play length: 127 minuten

Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Linda Blair, Jason Miller, Max von Sydow.

My personal opinion: Well, I heard a lot about this movie. It was SOOO scary. I read that the version which was showed in the cinema’s was so scary that people run screaming away from the cinema’s. This is the full version, like it was supposed to be, in de cinema version they cut 11 minutes away because it was to scary. Well even with that 11 minutes I think it’s boring! I do not like it. There is no action. It isn’t scary. I watched it at 23:00 when I were home alone, and still I didn’t like it. I wanted to read to the book. But now I now how “terrifying” the movie is, I don’t have the balls anymore to read it! (ahum)


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