Rain Man (1988)

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Charlie Babbitt is a man who does business in cars.
He buys six Lamborghini's for $40.000 each and is planning to sell them for $75.000 or $65.000 each. The transaction had been planned for speed, but it was almost six weeks later. So the man he does business with, Wyatt, is really getting impatient.
He wants the cheque by Monday and it's now Friday.
Then there is Susanna. She works with (for) Charlie, because she speaks Italian very well and that's good for their business. She is also Charlie's girlfriend. Charlie and Susanna are supposed to go to Palm Spring this weekend, so as they're on their way Charlie checks his calls and finds out that his father, who he never liked, died. Now they're not going to Palm Spring anymore, but to the funeral instead. They spend the night in a very old hotel (the opposite of Charlie).
The next morning they go to the funeral and after the funeral Charlie talks to a man called John Mooney (takes care of the will) and he decides to stay another night in Cincinnati. They go to his father's house. Charlie tells Susanna about how he took the car keys (of the Rolls Royce) and sneaked it out with 3 other kids. He was 16 at the time. His dad called the police and reported a stolen car and Charlie's dad left him there for two days. Charlie felt like he was never good enough for his dad (not even with all A's on his report), so that's why he ran away.
Charlie and Susanna decide to go to eat, and as they reach the door he gets a flashback of something while looking at a blanket, about a 'pretend-friend'. He says he was called Rain Man
That night John Mooney and Charlie talk about the will, and it turns out that Charlie gets the car, but the 3 million dollars go to an unnamed beneficiary. This means that John can't tell Charlie who that is. Charlie is really mad. The next morning Charlie goes to Dr. Bruner who's a psychiatrist. He wants to know who the unnamed beneficiary is, but Dr. Bruner can't tell. Then they see a man outside who says stuff about the Rolls Royce and other suspicious things. It turns out that Charlie has a sick (in the head) brother, who gets the 3 million dollars. The man is called Raymond. He has a routine in his life, and whenever there's a disturbance in it he freaks out.
Then Charlie decides to take Raymond with him, just for getting the money of him, and they go to a downtown motel.
When Raymond enters his 'new' room he freaks out. The bed isn't standing how it's supposed to and all the books are gone. But Charlie moves the bed and gives Raymond a Bible. The order a pizza and after that Raymond watches TV and Charlie and Susanna are making love in the other room. Then Raymond hears somebody on TV saying that the TV must be shut off. And so Raymond does, and goes to the other room to watch TV. Charlie shouts at Raymond that he must get out. Susanna is now mad at Charlie because he hurt Raymond's feelings. Then Charlie and Susanna have a fight and Susanna finds out that Charlie is only doing this for money. Susanna leaves him.
When Charlie and Raymond eat breakfast Raymond starts naming the telephone number of the waitress when he sees her name on the nameplate (he read the telephone book). Now Charlie has an idea. Then he calls Dr. Bruner and says that he wants to trade Raymond for the 1.5 million dollars. Dr. Bruner says he can't do that and they'll see each other in court then.

1.1 Rain Man

Charlie wants to take Raymond on a flight to Los Angeles, but Raymond is afraid to fly. So Charlie tries to carry Raymond there, but he starts biting on his own hand. They decide to go with the car. Charlie makes an appointment at sic o'clock with a Dr. Schilling to ask things about Raymond. But first they go to a house to watch Wapner because Raymond freaks out again if he misses the show. First they try getting in a house by lying, but when Charlie tells the lady of that house the truth they get to see the show. They make it just in time at Dr. Schilling. Charlie wants the doctor to make Raymond better, but that isn't possible.
When they are in a Texas motel Raymond brushes his teeth and watches how he uses all the toothpaste. Then suddenly Raymond says 'rain man' (Charlie couldn't pronounce Raymond when he was little). Charlie is very surprised and they talk about how / when Raymond had to go. As Charlie wants to fill the tub for a bath Raymond panics. When Charlie was a baby Raymond wanted to give him a bath, but he almost burned the baby with the hot water. That's when Raymond had to go (after his mother died).
Meanwhile Wyatt found the cars and they were in big trouble. So Charlie decides to take Raymond to a casino. He was sure they were going to win a lot of money, because Raymond has a lot of potential. They win a lot of money ($86300,=), but the casinoboss runs a tape on them. When they get back at the motel Raymond meets a girl, Iris (she's hooker). He really likes her and they'll meet again that night at 10 o'clock. When they get back in their room Charlie teaches Raymond how to dance. He wants to give Raymond a brotherly hug, but Raymond freaks out again, because he's afraid to touch. Then Susanna arrives and Charlie is really glad to see her. When they all go down to meet Iris, Iris doesn't show up. The casinoboss who run the tape on them wants to talk to Charlie, and he says that they're not to play there again and they have to leave. Meanwhile Raymond and Susanna are going upstairs again because Iris didn't turn up, and Susanna dances with Raymond and shows him how to kiss.
When they get back Charlie and Raymond talk with Dr. Bruner and Dr. Marston. Dr. Bruner wants to take Raymond back to where he belongs, but Charlie doesn't want that. Especially when Raymond tells about the casino and the hooker and that sort of stuff, Dr. Marston agrees. Then Dr. Bruner asks Raymond what he wants and Raymond freaks out again. But suddenly he calls out Charlie's name. Charlie knows Raymond has to go back, but not without the memories. Raymond gives Charlie a picture of the two of them together (as they were little). They could always visit. Charlie and Raymond were only together for a week, but created a strong bond.

The End.

1.2 Rain Man


(Brother) Love is more important than money. Charlie first kidnapped his brother because he wanted his share of the money. But at the end when Charlie gets to know his brother he doesn't care about the money anymore.
Also don't judge people on their behaviour. Autistic person scares off many people. Charlie handled it well. You have to get to know them first, then judge.


The story takes place in the United States (LA, Cincinnati, Texas). It's set in (15 July) 1988 (because of the date on the grave and the Serious Injury List of Raymond).


Charlie Babbitt. He's a businessman and tries to make a lot of money. Once he took him brother there's now turning back to him. He gets really connected with Raymond. He hated his father, but after speaking to Ray about him he thinks differently.
Raymond Babbitt. A person who only knows fear and not-fear, an autistic person. He isn't supposed to get connected with person, the doctors say, but with his brother he does get connected.
Susanna Palmieri. She's Charlie's partner and girlfriend. She knows very well what's bad and good. She loves Charlie, but doesn't always agree with what he's doing to his brother.


Charlie used to say Rain Man to Raymond when he was little, because he couldn't pronounce Raymond. When Raymond tells him that (Charlie had forgotten it), he remembers it again and gets emotional.




dank voor je filmbespreking van rain man, ik hoop dat ik er veel mee zal kunnen doen
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goed filmverslag ik moet een boekverslag erover maken heb morgen een mondeling erover over rainman
dus kan ik hier ook informatie uit halen

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