Needful Things (1993)

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Needful things

Stephen King

Leland Gaunt is an old man. When you saw him for the first time, you will say: that’s a nice person!
But after a wile you would learn who he really is. He came to Castle Rock to open a store called ‘Needful things’.

He sells things that people really want to have, like baseball cards and vases. You name it, and he’s got it.
But there’s one problem with the products he sells. The buyers (booiiers) must pay not only in dollars but also in deeds.

A little boy, called Brain, takes a look in the new shop. But he hasn’t enough money for a card of his favorite baseball player, so he pays in deeds. His deed is throwing mud on the laundry of Wilma. Wilma is always mad at almost everyone.

But before Wilma saw that here was mud on her laundry, she goes to the store. There’s she meets Nettie and her dog Raider. But Wilma doesn’t like Nettie, so she begins to curse. When she comes home, she saw the mud, and he thinks Nettie did it.

Nettie is a weird woman, but really kind. She works for Polly in a restaurant. She also buys something at ‘Needful things’ and she also had to do a deed. She goes to the home of Danfort Keeton and she tapes the house full with little notes that’s accusing Keeton for fraud and theft. When Danfort comes home, he thinks that Norris has done it, a policeman.

In the meantime Leland sends a buyer to kill Netties dog and somebody else (Brian) to throw in Wilma’s windows. When Nettie has done her deed, she walks back home and finds her dog dead in the hallway. She went to Wilma because she thinks that Wilma has done it.

Nettie and Wilma get real mad at each other and kill each other on the street.

Nobody knows that Leland is the brain behind the whole story.

Polly, a nice woman is sick and she had a lot of pain. Her sickness is killing her. One a day she goes to ‘Needful Things’ and Leland give her a necklace and the pain goes away. She is very, very happy.

But a policeman, called Alan, knows that there’s something wrong with that Leland, and he had to put the pieces together. Brain gives those pieces by telling Alan that he had to promise that he would never go to Leland. He also tells this to Polly because he had a relationship with her. But Polly doesn’t believe that. Then tells Alan about the necklace.

Then, Leland blows up the church, and the priest thinks that the mayor has done it. Leland seems to be some kind of devil. Alan knows that and he tells that to the villagers of castle stone.

Than Leland leaves the town with a sort of devil car and he disappears in the sky.


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