The story begins when Sandy comes to the place where he has his holidays.

He meets his uncle, a very strong and a great man.

His uncle has a boat called “redidabele”.

When they are sailing, they see two dolphins; the biggest dolphin was shot and you can see she is going to die “This is not fishing boy, this is murdering!” Sandy’s uncle says. The other dolphin was not hurt. He seems to like Sandy and his uncle because he keeps on swimming after their boat all the way home.

When they arrive at home, Sandy meets Mark. Mark is a little boy with big glasses and a yellow macintosh. He lives in the neighbourhood. He likes to monkey with engines. They say hello to each other.

Later that day Sandy meets Kim and talks with her about “his” dolphin.

Than he hears some noise “Sorry I’m going to check” he says and he runs quickly to the dock; there he sees a dolphin. It’s the same dolphin as he has met earlier that day. He decides to give him the name “Flipper”.

Suddenly Flipper throws a can to Sandy and Sandy throws it back. And yes, Flipper throws it again and Sandy also throws it back. About three times they do this game.

They become friends.

The next day Mark meets Flipper and Mark is laughing because Flipper makes funny noises and moves.

Than, somewhat later, they hear a not so nice voice, it is Flipper and some men have captured him in a fishing-net.

Sandy’s uncle doesn’t want that so he goes to the fishing-net

and destroys it with his knife.

“What are you doing?” they ask him. “I am setting him free”, he answers. “Ha ha the great greenpeace warrior” they reply. Meanwhile Flipper swims away. Sandy’s uncle doesn’t take any notice of the men anymore but simply walks away. After that, Sandy’s uncle is not home for some days. Sandy and Kim take care of Flipper. They give him fishes and Flipper does acrobatic tricks. When other children want to see it, they have to pay some money.

When Sandy’s uncle comes back and sees Sandy who’s smoking a cigar and all the children walking around, he sends the children back home.

Sandy’s uncle teach Sandy a lesson he never forget and Sandy while never smoke a cigar gain

After that, the police says they are not allowed to keep Flipper.

Some time later Flipper is poisoned. Sandy and Kim give him “dolphin shake.”(That is mixed fish.)

When Flipper is better, they seek and found the poison but it is not enough evidence. The police want death fish as proof.

The boat that dumps the poison is named “hittie hunter.”

Then Flipper gets lost when seeking the poison.

The next day Sandy goes seeking Flipper whit his dinghy. While he is on the see, he sees the “hittie hunter”. The men on this boat notice Sandy and they sail their boat right to Sandy. They run down Sandy. Sandy falls into the sea and the dinghy is making water very fast. While Sandy lies in the water, he sees a big hammer shark. Sandy tries to climb into his dinghy. Just in time, he is back in his boat. With his paddle, he tries to hit the shark. However, he looses his balance and falls into the see. With the shark after him, he swims as fast as he can to the shore. It seems he is not going to make it and he will be a shark’s meal. Suddenly there is Flipper! He pushes the shark in his belly and then there are many, many dolphins around and they all together chase the shark away. Sandy is saved by his friend Flipper.

After this adventure, the holydays have come to an end.

His mother comes and take Sandy with her home he greets his uncle and gets in the boat” I will be back he says.

Underway he sees Flipper for the last time “Bye Bye” he says.


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