Finding Nemo (2003)

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  • 4e klas vmbo | 902 woorden
  • 14 maart 2004
  • 53 keer beoordeeld
Cijfer 6.2
53 keer beoordeeld

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Finding nemo Finding Nemo The story goes about a father and a son. The father was Marlin and the son was Nemo. Nemo was his name because his mother want this. The mother of nemo Coral died, She was eaten by a dangerous fish. The story was told in the see.

On a day Coral and Merlin where watching after there fish edges, Coral want that the fiches have the name “Nemo”, But Merlin don’t like that name. Merlin want that the where cold Merlin junior and Coral Junior. Merlin want to swim away to search for fish edges on that time there came a dangerous fish that eating al the edges and Coral. That was very bad but the was 1 edge over. At that time Merlin know that name of them: NEMO, As his wife want !

Today is a big day because nemo goes to school !!! Nemo is already waked up, But Merlin don’t. When Merlin waked up he control his son if he is complete healthy to go to school. Nemo has at 1 side a little fin. Merlin don’t want that his son goes to school, Because he was angry to lost him. When nemo comes to school, they go directly to the deep ocean. When Merlin heart that he swim to the group. When he comes there he sie his son and his friends playing a game how far they cane go in the deep ocean. But Nemo don’t want that because his father don’t want that. Up tot hem there was a big boat. A few seconds later the heart a scream from Merlin. He prohibits Nemo to go to the boat. Nemo did it and touch the boat, after that he was captured by a diver, that take him away. He was put in a pocket. The divers go away whit the boat, and the dropped there diving glasses whit in a paper. Marlin try to swim after the boat, but he don’t make it because it goes to hard.

When Merlin swims further he swim up to an other fish, the fish want to help him and ask how it goes whit him. The fish say she cold Dori. She ash is she cane help him, and then he told here the hole story, Dori say she will help to search for Nemo. Dori is a fish that forget thinks, so she become angry because Merlin swims after here. Dori and Merlin swimming to the hole ocean, and then the find out that Dori cane read, because the found the diving classes that one of the divers was lost. It become clear it’s the address of one of the divers, the address is in SIDNEY. It gave Merlin a new change to find his son. On there way they god very much problems, as: They get a monster fish behind them, that almost cost there life, they also get some problems with a shark. If they come by some sharks that where not dangerous because they where sitting in a clinic to don’t eat anymore fishes. Dori get a blod nouse and then a shark smels the blod and become crazy. He swims after the 2 fiches. Merlin and Dori where just escape don time. After they where escaped, keep she swimming and there don’t become and end on it.

At that time Nemo was put in a aquarium, of a dentist. In that aquarium he get a lot of friends. Al his friends want to help him finding his father. The dentist have captured Nemo to his it to his angry little niece.

At that time Merlin met Dori where doing a match of who is the one that comes as fast out of a group of jellyfishes. Merlin winning the game, but where is Dori ? He search to al the jellyfishes. Then he find here beaten by a jellyfish. Merlin take Dori whit him but he was also beaten by a jellyfish. At that time the wear both from the world because the beat of the jellyfishes. When the where waked up the where on the back of a turtle. That have safe them. The turtle was asking him watt was going on, Merlin told him the whole story, and so the story gets to the whole ocean. That a father was searching for his son. Then the story comes by a gull that always goes to the aquarium to ask for al the gossips. When Nemo heard the story his day cane go rong anymore. He was so happy he going practise how to come out of the aquarium.

The day comes that the niece of the dentist come. Nemo did everyting to get out of the aquarium, but nothing works. Nemo was put in a pocket, Nemo did if he was dead. At that time one of the friends of Nemo from the aquarium jump out of the aquarium and get at that way Nemo into the W.C. that was going right into the ocean.

Merlin stop searching for Nemo. Then Dori find Nemo in the sea ! Than Nemo get back by his father and now he was going normally to school. My own opinion

I very much like this movie. It was very good animation ! The story was also good. It was not difficult to see this movie in English whiteout subtitles.


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