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Nemo is a clownfish. His mother died before Nemo was born and his father is very concerned about him. When Nemo goes to school, he saw two peoples, and they catched Nemo. His father Marlin tried to safe Nemo, but that didn’t work out. Marlin found something that the people left behind, and he decided to keep that safe, because that was his only chance to find Nemo. Then there is a fish, her name is Dory and she forgets everything. Marlin and Dory become friends, and they are going to find Nemo. They meet a lot of fishes, a shark and a turtle, and some of them aren’t very nice. Suddenly Dory tells that she can read the adress that’s on the thing that Marlin found. The adress is in Australia, and Marlin and Dory swimm all the way to Australia to find Nemo.

The people who catched Nemo braught him to Australia, to a dentist’s aquarium. In that aquarium are some more fishes, and they try to escape so that Nemo could go back to his father. They tried really hard and finally Nemo escaped. When Nemo swimms in the ocean, he meets his father again and they are both very happy. Nemo and Marlin made a lot of friends during their journeys, and they all go home together.

I really liked this movie. I saw it on our computer in English, but I understand everything very well. The movie is extremely funny, and the fishes are very cute. The story was also nice, and very surprising. it was a happy end, and that’s what I like. This movie is great, it’s my favourite movie I think, and I can’t wait to see it again. I think that everybody should see this movie, it doesn’t matter how old you are, the movie is great.


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Ik las je verslag net op scholieren.com. Het zag er erg goed uit alleen kan ik hem niet gebruiken, omdat mijn leraar controleert op wat er van internet word gehaald.
Heb jij misschien een vriend(in) die ook een film verslag heeft, maar die niet op internet staat? En kan je die naar mij toesturen dan :-$.
Alvast Bedankt :),

16 jaar geleden