The lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring (2001)

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Title: The lord of the rings; The fellowship of the ring
Type of film: mysteriously
Made in: 2001
Who does it star: Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Sean Astin, Ian McKellen, Sean Bean, Liv Tyler, Christopher Lee, Orlando Bloom, John Rhys-Davies, Cate Blanchett, Ian Holm. Directed by: Peter Jackson
Lord of the rings is very well-known and very populair too. In the first place it is well-known because ‘The fellowship of the’ is a very famous book and it is also a very commercial film. And it is just a good film. The fellowship of the ring takes place in its own world and in its own time. The main caracters are Frodo and Gandalf. Gandalf is a wizard and Frodo a hobbit. Frodo is about 20 years old and Gandalf is pretty old. Gandalf is one of the only who knows about ‘the ring’ which belongs to Bilbo who is a friend of Frodo. Bilbo is very old either and he wants to get rid of the ring. He gives it to Frodo. The ring has special powers, the only problem is that if you use those powers Sauron (‘The dark lord’) knows were you are. And then you are in mortal danger because Sauron wants the ring (which once belonged to him) back. Frodo found out that the ring, which was created by ‘The dark lord’, had to be destroyed. But the only place where the can be destroyed is in ‘Mount Doom’ and that is a part of the world where Sauron rules. Frodo starts his journey to Mount Doom with Gandalf, Arwen, Boromir, Aragon, Gimly and two friends on his side. After being followed and attacked by all sorts of danger creatures who are on Sauron’s side they reach an island. By the time they had reached the island, they already had lost Gandalf. On that island was an enormous battle between ‘Frodo’s followers’ and ‘Sauron’s followers’. Frodo had become fed up with being in danger only because of wearing a ring, so he escaped in a small boat while ‘his’ warriors were fighting. After the battle the warriors followed Frodo because he was in mortal danger when he was travelling alone with the ring in his pocket. Here is were the film end, waiting for its next episode. My opinion: Before I saw this movie, I had heard a lot about. Most of it was positive. And after seeing it I really join those opinions. Everything is just so beautiful, the land scapes, the outfits, the way how it has been filmed, everything. I think that peter jackson chose the right country (new sealand), the right actors, the right music (enya) and the right out fits. The film is meant to be a little misteriously, and I think that those beautiful hills and relaxing music really makes the film more mysteriously. Another good thing is that ‘the fellowship of the ring’ is about three hours long and it is just interesting for the full three hours. The thing I like the most are all those enormous battles between ‘Frodo’s followers’ and ‘sauron’s followers’. I really would recommend this film, because it is such a good film and I want everybody to see it. And I think that you really would miss something if you have not seen it. Because there are not a lot of films like this one


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