Bulletproof (1996)

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Title: Bulletproof PART OF THE CAST: Actors: Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler Director: Ernest Dickerson Producer: Robert Simonds
This movie is about 2 guys: Jack Keats and Archie Moses. Keats is an undercover police officer. Archie is a car thief. Keats has to act like he’s Archie’s best friend for a whole year so that the police can arrest him later. Keats is the only person Archie ever trusted in his whole life. Jack and Archie were having a problem how to steal a car it was a convertible so they al ready sat in the car but the only problem was how to get the club off and start the car. Keats was busy with the club and Archie was screaming that the owner had a gun. When Keats started the car the owner came out off his house with a gun, he started shooting while the 2 men drove off with his car. They drove very fast a few minutes later the police was chasing them but they outsmarted them. Then they stopped in front of a police station. An officer came to them and Keats told him that they were going to Disneyland, Archie had to act like he was retarded. The police officer drew a map for them. They went to a bar, Archie started messing around with a woman, and he knew that she had a boyfriend but he wasn’t afraid because he knew that if he got in trouble Keats was there to rescue him. So that’s what happened, when he started messing with a woman her boyfriend came and Archie started talking bad language to him then when Archie was just about to be hit Keats came and hit the man with a pool stick and threw him on the pool table. Keats lied to Archie that he had some money problems so that was when Archie told him that he knew some one who could help him. It was Mr. Colton. He was drug dealer that transported his drugs in cars, he acted like a car salesman but he wasn’t. The next day Archie introduced Keats to Mr. Colton, Mr. Colton said that Keats looked like a cop so his bodyguard had to search him but they found nothing. Archie and Keats went to a warehouse were the drugs arrived that was when Keats was going to take action; a police crew was surrounding the building. The dealer said that Keats looked and acted like a cop. The dealer told Archie to search Keats, Archie told the dealer that Keats wasn’t a cop and the he didn’t whore a wire, so Archie zipped off Keats’s jacket there was a wire so then the police came they started shooting. Then Archie realized that Keats was a cop, so he pointed a gun at Keats. Then one off the workers accidentally swung a crane to Archie’s back so that was when he shot Keats in the head. Archie jumped on a motorbike and drove off. Keats had a metal plate put into his head. Keats had to learn how to walk again and he had a personal assistant named Traci. The police found Archie drunk in a stolen car at the side off the road and arrested him. Keats went to his office and his boss told him that he had to take Archie to L.A by plane, while Keats and Archie and other police officers were walking to the plane, cars came out of no where the people in the cars started shooting and the plane started driving Keats and Archie jumped in it, the plane. When they where in the air for a few minutes they noticed that they were going down Keats went to the cockpit and found the pilot dead. Archie told Keats that he had 1000 hours of flying Keats ordered Archie to fly the plane but he told Keats that he had to apologize for turning his back on him, Keats didn’t apologize but he did point a gun at him. Keats asked Archie if they could fly to L.A but Archie told him not without gas that was when the realized that their gasoline tanks had been shot. Archie saw a place in the desert where they could land the plane. It was a bumpy ride but they made it they stopped on the side of a cliff if they would move the plane would fall down so they both jumped at the same time just when they jumped the plane slipped and fell down and exploded. Archie was handcuffed while they were walking in the dessert and then he had to take a piss, Keats gave him 15 seconds Archie said that that wasn’t enough when there were 5 seconds left he started pissing, when the 10 seconds were over Keats started walking and Archie pissed his pants, then Archie told Keats that wished that the bullet had killed him. Keats got mad and hit Archie with his head. Later they arrived at some bungalows they went inside and checked in, the name boss of the bungalows was Charlie. Keats tied Archie up to the toilet and went to sleep. Later that night the same people came that started shooting at them earlier, they asked the Charlie in which bungalow they were he told them that he didn’t know but when they pointed a gun at him he told them that they were in bungalow 7. The guys went to bungalow 7, as they were walking one off the guys stepped on a piece of wood that was when Archie woke up. Keats had bound Archie’s mouth, Archie tried to wake Keats up by humming but Keats didn’t woke up then Archie reached with his legs for the television remote and put on the television, just then the man entered the bungalow and Keats woke up, there were a few men outside that started shooting. Archie and Keats ran outside and just then Charlie came and picked them up, The guys were following them just when they were about to pass them they stopped at a cliff and they guys drove on and fell down in the water. Charlie dropped them off at a gas station, Keats went to a phone and called the FBI to pick them up the next morning at a post office Archie wanted to call his mother because he called her every Tuesday, Keats asked how it was going with his mom but Archie told him that she was still doing drugs. They took a bus to the post office. The next morning two FBI agents picked them up there. They got in the car; Keats threw both men out of the car while they were driving. Keats took Archie to the police station and they locked him up. Keats called his girlfriend Traci but Mr. Colton picked up the phone and said that Keats had to bring Archie to his house or he would never see Traci again. Keats took Archie out off jail immediately and when they were just about to leave the building his boss and Mr. Jenson came Archie told Keats that Mr. Jenson worked for Mr. Colton, Keats’s boss didn’t want to let him leave but Keats hit him with his vist and they left. They went to a bar that was when Archie told Keats that he thought that his name was Mr. Benson. Archie told Keats that he would make it up to him by taking a bullet for him. They went to Mr. Colton’s house the next day they vent inside from the kitchen a lot off people were there and Keats and Archie started shooting. Then Archie disappeared, when Keats found his girlfriend he asked her where Mr. Colton was she told him that he drove off when they were shooting. It was a trick. Then she pointed a gun at Keats’s head he had walk, then Archie came and got the gun of her, she told that Mr. Colton made her do it then she made a dash move and picked the gun out of Archie’s hand and started shooting. Then Mr. Colton slowly walked above them with a gun and when he shot Archie jumped and took the bullet for Keats it went in his back, Traci was hand cuffed to the railing of the stairs. Keats and Mr. Colton started fighting Archie shot Mr. Colton right in the head. They found out that the man’s name was Mr. Jenson after all. Then Archie told Keats that he was going to Mexico to become a bullfighter, and he started messing around with other woman at a bar and he knew that all the woman had boyfriends but this time Keats just sat there looking how Archie got thrown out the bar and his mother sat there smoking weed. Opinion: I really liked this movie because it was comedy and I like comedy and it had


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