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Bowling for Columbine (2002)

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  • 29 september 2006
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Bowling for Columbine

I have watched a documentary from Michael Moore.
He made this documentary in 2002 and it’s called ‘’Bowling for Columbine’’.
The duration of this programme was 2 hours.
I didn’t use subtitles, what made it more difficult to understand.
The aim of this programme was to show that weapons only lead to problems and to find out why America has so many deaths by weapons and other country’s not.

Michael went to the National Rifle Association (NRA) in Michigan.

That’s a group of volunteers who stand in for the safety of Michigan.
By an interview a woman said “If something happens who’s going to protect your kids? The Police? Why do we call the police, cause they have guns, so cut the commission agent and buy guns yourself.’’
That shows how the American people think.
Guns are for your protection but it’s very easy to buy guns in the United States.
Michael went in to a bank and opened an account, and gets a free gun with it.
Only thing he needed now was some bullets for his gun so he went to K-mart a store where you can buy guns & ammo and brought some bullets.

But after the shooting on the high school ‘’Columbine’’ where 2 teenagers (Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris) shot hundreds of people in their high school with guns and ammunition from K-mart,
K-mart stopped with the sale of guns in all her stores.

Michael did some research to the death casualties by guns each year in the United States, Canada, France and Austria.
Austria has 68 death casualties a year
France has 156 death casualties a year
Canada has 328 death casualties a year
United States has 11,458 death casualties a year

So Michael went out to ask American people what causes the difference between America and Canada’s death casualties by guns.
Some people think it’s about the violence history of America.
Some people think it’s because America got more guns then Canada.
And other people think it’s because America got more people living in the US.

That’s all wrong!
What do you think about the history of Germany?
And Canada got the same amount of guns as America
And there live 3 million people more in Canada then the USA.

So Michael went to Canada to find out what makes the difference between the US and Canada.
There he finds out that the Americans are a lot more scared then Canadians.
That is because the American media only got tragedy news reports and things to scare Americans.
The Canadians are not scared at all, they never lock their doors and always trust their neighbours about looking after their house.
That shows that the media is the one to blame.

When Michael is home he goes with 2 students from the columbine school to K-mart headquarters.
Those students where shot by the columbine incident.
One is in a wheelchair and the other can hardly walk after a lot of operations, all because the bullets from K-mart.
They walk with the media to the K-mart desk and want K-mart to stop the selling of bullets.
After 3 hours the K-mart director comes down and makes a notify that K-mart will completely stop selling bullets after 90 days.
So Michael and the 2 students succeed in there demonstration against bullets and K-mart don’t sells guns or ammo anymore.

It was nice to watch the documentary "Bowling for Columbine" and to make a report from it.
Next time I will try to watch another documentary that interests me cause when you watch a documentary that interests you, you will make the report with fun.


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