A clockwork orange (1971)

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1. A clockwork orange/ Anthony Burgess/ 1962
2. A clockwork orange/ Stanley Kubrick / 1971

a. The most important character of the whole story is Alex. He is in the beginning of the story a boy of 15 years old and a schoolboy. Alex has an own kind of speaking with very strange words like: moloko, ptitsa, devotchka and horrorshow. The boy lives with his parents in a flat, number 18A. The boy has tree good friends: Pete, Dim and George. The friends and Alex are a gang. Alex is the leader. He always tells what they shall do. The story is told by Alex, all the other persons are less important and most of them are not very much described. Alex like to do ultra- violence very much with his friends. He often go’s to the Korova milkbar with his gang and drink a milk plus, that’s milk with an energy drug in it. And than he go out for some horrorshow ultra-violence.

Dim is a boy older than Alex. He is also in the gang. But Dim is a little bit dim. He is very stupid and not very intelligent. Alex is teasing Dim very much. Dim is a very great and strong boy. In the end of the story Dim is a cop.

George and Pete are good friends an are older than Alex.
` In the end of the story George is dead, and Pete is married with a nice girl.

The mum and dad of Alex are very good for Alex. But the dad of Alex is not good in authority and can’t be austere to Alex.

F.Alexander. This is a man that is against the government. Alex has once broke in to his house and killed the wife of F. Alexander. He is an intellectual person, and is the writer of the book A clockwork orange.
The personages in the book are the same as in the book.
Well, there are no important persons of the book omitted in the film. Only some persons that have a conversation with Alex. But it is impossible to omitted no one.
Well, I had seen the film two years ago. So I knew how some persons were in the book. And when I had reed the book I gave the persons more filling but my idea of the persons were not changed only further filled in. But the most of the persons of the book were very much like in the book! Only the mounting eyelash of Alex is not described in the book and I didn’t know that the clothing of the boys were very strange.


a. I think the story take’s place is the years after 1960. Because in that time the forming of groups came in. And that is very important in the book. But it is very difficult to say because there isn’t noted a date or year.
In the beginning the boy is 15 years old. That is very weird, because he takes a lot of drugs and makes very much ultra violent. In the end of the book the boy is 18. So the story is during a period of tree years. There are hardly no flashbacks or flash forwards. There are only some re-made inner of the boy.
b. The story take place is the suburbs of New York. Alex lives here with his parents. Alex and his gang doing the ultra violent stuff in these suburbs. Secondly the gang is very often in the Korova milk bar. After this part of the book he went to the staja, the prison. And after that he went to the detoxification clinic. This are the most important places.
c. Well, I think the telling time of the book is the same. The director has all the important places that I have give, used. The director only has omitted some scenes out the book that are not important. Only some fights or drinks at the Karova milk bar. There is not very much different in structure and scenes. There is even often used quotes of the book in the film.

Alex is betray by his gang Alex is finished his
and is cached by police and in set prison treatment and in now free
Alex is 15 years 2 years in prison
He has a gang and makes Then he go’s to follow
ultra violence. a special treatment.


1. Alex is kicked
by the police
2. Alex is cared by F. Alexander.
F. Alexander then find out
Alex has killed his wife.
3. F. Alexander plays Beethoven
4. Alex getting sick and tries to suicide
5. Alex is cared in the hospital. His treatment is made undone. And his body is after a few weeks cured.
6. Alex is 18 years old and is growing up.

b. I think nearly everything is the same in important events. Only in the end of the book Alex met Pete again. This isn’t set in the film. But this isn’t very important.

d. No, the end of the story is nearly a closed end. Alex has experienced much in the book and in the end of the story he finished with this all and is really grow up and going to be wise. Well, I like a happy end also. Then you haven’t think about it after the you saw the film.

a. The first scene is told by Alex. Alex and his friends are in the Karova milk bar.
They drink some milk plus. And Alex give a introduction of his life and who is friends are. Then they went out for an old horrorshow ultra violence.

The last scene of the story is an other scene as the last scene of the film. Alex has some new friends in the end. Then he wants to go home in his own. But on the road back he went to a tea-and-coffee mesto. And there he saw his old friend Pete with a nice wife. They talked a little. And then he went home and thought a little bit about himself. And then he found out he is growing up.

b. The first scene is the same in the book as in the film.
But the last scene is different. In the film the last scene is when Alex is in the hospital en the Minister of interior or Interior came in for a visit. He talked with Alex, he said that F. Alexander is gone and that Alex’ treatment is undone. So everything is good. Then the media come in and Alex is happy with the minister and they shake their hands, Alex is totally in heaven.

c. The last scene is totally different. The first scene is nearly the same in book as in the film. The difference is that when they have a sit in the Karova milk bar, they go and kicked an person with books. And in the film they kicked a vagabond.

d. I picked the scene that Alex go’s to a cd shop. There he talked with two ladies. In the book he says some tings like going for a drink and some music an stuff at his house. But in the film he began nearly at ones about sex. In the book he firstly tells about sitting and talking with the ladies. But in the film you see the room and there come 3 people in. The screen is accelerated. So you see two girls dressed out and in and have sex with Alex. That is very different from the book. The cd shop is too very different from the book. In the book there is nearly none thing described about how the shop is looking. And in the film the shop is very weird with grazy things.
In my opinion the scene in the film is very unusual and trilling. I like that kind of stuff. In the book it is very dry described. But in the film it is art.

a. The book is told by Alex. He knows only what he experiences. And some times he talks directly to the reader.

‘But you, O my brothers, remember sometimes thy little Alex that was. Amen. And all that call.‘

That was the last sentence of the book. But there is something weird in the book. The man F. Alexander writes a book called A clockwork orange, and that is the same name of the my book. And here in the last sentence the writer talks about Alex. But the whole story is told by Alex. So it could be that the writer of the my book is F. Alexander an that he tells the story out of the mind of Alex. And that he in the end a little hind gives that he is the writer.

b. In the book there is the playing and a narrator. The narrator is Alex himself. He frequently tells how something works or what he is feeling when he do some weird stuff.


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