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[NAAM] [ADRES] the Netherlands


Mrs. H. shackleton
16 Old Orchard Road
East Sussex BN21 1DB

Dear Mrs. Shackleton,

I got your address from the Southern Region Au Pair-Agencies. My name is [NAAM] and I live in Holland. I am 17 years old and I love to watch tv and go to school. I am in the sixth form (and that is the last form of highschool) of the ‘VWO,’ it is a little bit hard explain and I do not know how to explain it.

I would like to work as an au pair in your house, and also in England so I can learn the English language even better.

Could you give me some information about your family; for instance how many children do you have and what their ages are?

Also I would like to know what kind of things I have to do except taking care of the children.

Will I get my own room, or do I have to share one? And how many spare time and allowance will I get?

Is there a possibility to follow an English course in the neighbourhood or in Eastbourne?

I will probably be available from the beginning of May untill the end of August.

Yours sincerely,




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