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  • 9 maart 2009
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Euram Tours
P.O.- box 4321
1000 AA Amsterdam

March 21st, 2005

Dear Sir/Madam,

In the ‘NRC-Handelsblad’ of May 15th, I’ve read that the American tour operator is looking for Dutch temporary guides. I would like to apply for that job. The job seems very interesting because I love to work with people and speak the English language. I am also studying French.

I have already traveled a lot in the Benelux and France. I’ve been there during summer holidays and have spent quite some time there. I’ve been to Paris with my classmates, we went there during a fieldtrip. During the holidays I’ve worked in an old people’s home and have got a lot of experience with working with groups.

I have been following English classes for 5 years at A-level. My French is pretty good. I have been studying French for quite some time now. I have also had the opportunity to speak French during holidays in France. My school had organized a foreign exchange program with English students. We have spent two weeks with their families, and they have been in The Netherlands for two weeks too.

I have not yet graduated from secondary school yet. It will be another year. Is it really necessary to have a diploma?
I am available in June and July. I will be going on holiday in August.

I still have few questions about salary. Could you tell me how much I would earn if I were to work for you? Will I be working for many hours or day, or are the groups divided? What would be the easiest way to travel?
I hope I have given you enough information about myself.

Yours faithfully,



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