Dear …

How are you? I’m fine, because I have a holiday week. On tuesday I am going to camp with my sea cadets. I look forward to go to camp, because I like to be with them. It’s so much fun.

But next year we will have our final exams. I hope so that we pass the exams. Maybe we can go with the tall ships if we both pass the exams. Do you know which one I mean? The old big sail ships were we raced with. I think that will so great, because sailing on the sea is fantastic.

But what are you gonna do after you have passed your exams and holidays? I want to go to the highschool of the navy, because I like the navy and I want to do something good for the world. What do you like to do as your job over ten years? Maybe also something with ships and water?

What are you going to do in the holidays? I am going with the sea cadets to Urk. We  have camp there, because there is a new corps and everybody wants to know what kind of people the sea cadets are. So it will be a great time to be there. Shall we do something together? Maybe we can have a drink in the city or something like that.

I wish you good luck with your tests for the end of this year and I look forward for your respons.

Yours sincerely,

Marlies Hoogstraten



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