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Naar de vragenlijst!

Dear Pierre

How are you? I’m fine. I loved our vacation it was such a great time. The swimming was really cool and London was great to.

At my school we talked about boarding schools and I said that I know someone on a boarding school: you!! It was fun to talk about boarding schools. And now I want to know more about boarding schools, so I ask it to you.

Do you have your own room or do you share it with someone. If you share it is he/she nice. Do you have only a bedroom or is it a study room to. Do you have posters from your idols on your wall? I have a big poster of Robbie Williams do you like him to? Do you have cleaners or do you have to clean your room.

What do you do at school, do you have a lot of rules. How late do you go to bed and how late you stand up? Do you have spare time en what do you than? Do you like football or something? Which subjects do you have and which on do you like the most. Are there computers at your school because we can email if you have them.

I go to school in Amstelveen that’s a city near to my village it’s a big school with about 1200 people. Everyday I go to school on my bike that’s horrible because it rains so much here in Holland. Mostly I go to school at 9.15 and I go home at 14.45. I got a lot of subjects I name there some so you can tell me that you have the same. I have: history, mathematic, geography, P.E., English, French and German.

Do you have a picture of your room because I love to see your room. I give you the picture from us at the London Bridge. Do you like it I do. I hope to hear from you soon.




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