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Mr A. Steinberg

Manager of hotel Splendid

7-13 Waterloo Crescent

Bristol B12 6AF


21 September 2017

Dear Mr Steinberg,

I have received your address from a good friend of mine who has worked at your hotel for a couple of weeks during the summer holidays. He really enjoyed the variable work, he had a great supervisor and he has gained a lot of experience.

Now I would like to introduce myself. My name is Julia and I am a sixteen-year-old girl. I live in Vleuten, a town in the centre of the Netherlands. I am in the eleventh grade of the Kalsbeek College. In my spare time, I like to paint and read books.

Do you think it is possible for me to work at your hotel? It would be a great opportunity to improve my English speaking skills and learn a bit about the English culture. In your hotel, I would like to work as a hostess at the reception.

Could you tell me how much working at you hotel will pay? I am also wondering where I would be staying and how much time off I would have. If you cannot offer me a place to stay, I could stay at my uncle who lives nearby Bristol.

If my plan to work at your hotel does not work out, I will start hotel management at a school in the Netherlands.
I hope to hear from your soon, so that if necessary, I can cancel my new study in time.

Kind regards,




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