Luisterboeken: de makkelijke optie? Lars is niet echt een fan van lezen. Daarom gaat hij op zoek naar de beste manieren om door zijn leeslijst heen te komen. Red je het met alleen maar samenvattingen, of is een e-reader of luisterboek een betere optie? Deze video wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Storytel.

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Summary in English

When Jane, Karen and their parents are not at home, four guys enter her house and devastate everything what’s in her house, just for fun. Karen arrives at home early. The four guys try to rape her, but she falls down the stairs and looses consciousness. She is in a coma for a couple of weeks. During those weeks the family repairs the house and tries to go on with their lives, but it's very hard because the shock of Jane’s accident was very big. Then Jane meets Buddy Walker. They fall in love with each other. For the first time since the devastating in her house, she is happy again. But after a while she gets the feeling something's wrong with Buddy. One night she sees him with a bottle of alcoholic drink. Buddy admits that he has a drinking problem and he promises her that he'll try to stop. But Jane still feels like there's something wrong with Buddy: she can't talk about the devastation with him and he doesn't want to meet Jane’s parents.

Karen is getting better. She wakes up from her coma, and she is getting all right. One day when Jane is walking on the street, a boy asks her to come with him. She follows him and goes into a shed. Then suddenly she is beaten down. When she wakes up, her hands and feet are tied to a chair. Mickey, the 41 years old psycho, did all this. He thinks he's the Avenger, an 11 years old boy who avenges injustices. He says he's going to kill her, because she kissed Buddy Walker. Jane doesn't understand what is wrong with kissing Buddy, but then he tells her Buddy is one of the criminals who destroyed her house. She slightly knows it's true, because he acted pretty weird when she talked about the devastation. Somehow she manages to tell him he's not the Avenger, but just Mickey. Then he is so confused that he commits suicide. The police comes and frees Jane. She tells Buddy she never wants to see him again. Jane goes on with her live and has a good life.

My opinion

I think the book was really nice. It was easy to read, but not in a childish way. The story was also very clear, there was nothing I didn't understand. The only thing I didn't like, was that the beginning was a bit long, the writer mentioned every detail, but at the end of the book, I went very quickly.


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