Watership down door Richard Adams

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Watership down door Richard Adams
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Chapter 1.

Two young rabbits named Hazel and Fiver are eating - And even though they weren't at their maximum weight yet, it was obvious that Hazel would become the largest rabbit of the two. At some point, Fiver starts getting a bad feeling about the warren they live in, and when they walk into a nearby sign he panics. He goes back to Hazel and tells him something aweful's going to happen to their warren.

Chapter 2.

Fiver suffers a nightmare, again the thought that something aweful will happen comes to his mind. He then decides to take Hazel and visit the warren's leader. Hazel convinces a member of the Owsla, some sort of guardians who protect the pack's leader, called Bigwig to let them speak with Threarah - The leader. They tell him about Fiver's feeling, but Threarah ignores the warning and yells at Bigwig that they shouldn't have let the two through.

Chapter 3.

Hazel, Fiver, two friends named Dandelion and Blackberry and the ex-owsla member Bigwig decide to leave the warren. Hazel orders the others to try and convince as many other rabbits into coming with them as possible.

Chapter 4.

The group getting ready for depature sure increased in numbers, many more rabbits came that night, including Buckthorn - A large rabbit that was soon to be an owsla. The party consisted of eleven rabbits. The head of the Owslas showed up, but didn't have friendly intensions, he tried to arrest Bigwig, they fought and Bigwig forced him back. The party left.

Chapter 5.

The rabbits spend the night walking, or rather crawling through the forest. Hazel lead them to make sure the coast was clear. All of the rabbits were starting to get tired, so they decided to rest. Hazel realizes all of them are rather tense, so he asks Dandelion to tell them all a story to calm them down.

Chapter 6.

Dandelion proceeds telling his story, which is about El-ahrairah, a true rabbit-hero and prince of the rabbits. Rabbits once populated the entire world, but the creator of the world, Frith, wanted the rabbits to stop multiplying themselves. But since they didn't, he gave foxes and weasles the ability to hunt rabbits. Only thousand were spared.

Chapter 7.

A Lendri (Rabbit-word for badger) suprise-attacks the rabbits, making them run off to a river. Fiver thinks it's best if they cross it, but it seems too hard to achieve. The grass on the other side of the river looks to be much greener than what they were used to though.

Chapter 8.

All of them knew they had to cross the river, most of them didn't dare to though. And since Pipkin got hurt, they'd have to come up with something. Then Blackberry comes up with the idea to use a piece of wood to help Pipkon and Fiver to the other side of the river. All the rabbits were impressed by this idea, except for Fiver, who knew what was happening.

Chapter 9.

Hazel is on the search for a safe place to stay the night, and soon enough he finds a beanfield, which'll mask their odor from enemies, aswell as give shelter and protection. He gets the others to continue their journey to the field, on their way Fiver and Pipkin get attacked by a crow, but others quickly spurt to help them, scaring away the crow.

Chapter 10.

The rabbits wake up by the sound of a rifle and quickly scatter all over the field. Hazel and Silver return to the spot where they had slept, and slowly all the others start coming back too. They leave the field only to walk into a road - A car drives by, startling Hazel. Bigwig explains him that hrududils (cars) aren't dangouress during the day, but the headlights at night would blind and paralize you. Then, just when some of the rabbits talk about how they want to go back, Fiver gets another vision, and in his trance he talks about hills far away from there, and they will encounter trouble but they'll have to go to the hills. When he wakes up, Hazel tells him to forget about what he said.

Chapter 11.

Then the rabbits start pushing themselves, with some help of Bigwig all of the rabbits don't stop moving once. Rather, they keep up a fast pace for hours and hours. Then, just when all the rabbits were dead-tired, they reach a perfect field.

Chapter 12.

The rabbits immediately start building holes to their content, others just lay around. Then they see a rabbit that wasn't part of the group, so Hazel and Blackberry go to talk with him, and are rather confused to see such a big rabbit infront of them. The large rabbit named Cowslip then invites the others to come and live in his own field, where many empty holes are. Fiver didn't think this as much of a good idea, but Hazel decides to go.

Chapter 13.

They arrive, and are treated ever so kind. They all join the large group, except for Fiver, who decides to sit alone. Then Hazel leaves with another rabbit named Strawberry, who tells him about how they never had to deal with enemies in their warren.

Chapter 14.

When Hazel returns, he decides he wants to have a word with Blackberry and makes up some excuse to go out and talk. When they get out, they run into Pipkin, and start having a conversation about how weird these rabbits really are. They return to the hole after a while, and when they're about to sleep after having flayrah (Nice or good food), the rabbits want Dandelion to tell another story about El-ahrairah.

Chapter 15.

Dandelion tells a story about how El-ahrairah and his people lived in a swamp, where there was hardly any food. Rainbow was the ruler of the world at that time, and he wouldn't let Ahrairah's people go. So the hero makes a deal - Rainbow would have to let them go if Ahrairah could steal King Darzin's heavily guarded lettuce. He and his Owsla's captain Rabscuttle had a plan, and ever since that day no rabbit could be kept out of a vegetarian garden.

Chapter 16.

The 'weird' rabbits weren't all too enthousiastic about the story, they found it rather insulting to their tribe. Then a young rabbit named Silverweed starts reciting a poem he made instead, about life. Fiver angers himself about this, and starts insulting the other rabbits, so quickly Hazel brings him outside to calm him down - Telling him he could've meddled in the 'relationship' the rabbits had with the other tribe, Cowslip in particular.

Chapter 17.

First thing in the morning, when Hazel wakes up, he realizes Fiver is gone. They quickly go out to look for him, and when they have found him, Fiver tells them he's going to leave, wether the others are coming or not. Bigwig gets rather angry, and when he's about to return he finds himself in a trap. Fiver goes to get help, but comes back with only their own pack - Since none of the others wanted to help them. The rabbits decide to leave the other tribe now they can, and when they're about to Strawberry runs up to them and begs if he can come with them. Hazel agrees and they depart.

Chapter 18.

By the night of the next day the rabbits had walked for about three miles, they've learned to trust eachother even more, and Fiver's visions and intuition are no longer doubt for. After walking even more, they reach a hill Fiver says they'll have to climb. Hazel, Dandelion and Hawkbit are infront, investigating the territory. The hill was indeed perfect for them, they find some rabbit holes on their way up, which were great to spend the night in.

Chapter 19.

The rabbits sleep well that night, and the next morning Blackberry asks Hazel if they should start a warren of their own. However this is usually a task for the female rabbits, they still agree and get to it. When Hazel, Bigwig and some others go down to look for some food, they hear a terrible sound, and then they find Holly, captain of their ex-Owsla, who had a complete breakdown.

Chapter 20.

Bluebell, Holly's friend is found too, both were terribly injured and needed to be taken care of. So the rabbits take them to their new warren, letting them rest in one of the holes. Mainwhile the day goes on, and Hazel wants their warren to have a common room like the one in Strawberry's warren had.

Hazel wandered off, and on his little trip he rescues a mouse from being eaten by telling him to go into a hole, the mouse thanks Hazel, and tells him he'll help him some day for saving his life.
At this time, Holly had recovered some, and was able to tell his story.

Chapter 21.

Holly begins telling them about how Fiver had been right with the destiny to their old warren. Indeed humans came, and started killing rabbits by filling up holes or throwing poison in them. Every rabbit started fighting for their and their children's lives. Holly and the weakened Pimpernell got away. They took the same road Hazel had taken days ago, and met up with other rabbits. By the time they got to the other rabbits, Cowslip was furious and attacked the rabbits, killing Pimpernell in action. Holly was about to kill Cowslip when he told him where Hazel and his fellowship went. Only Holly and Bluebell were left alive, and they started running for their lives. After the long trip, Holly was at the end of his strength - And that was when Hazel had found him.

Chapter 22.

Bluebell tells another story about El-ahrairah, a story that followed Dandelion's story about the lattuce perfectly. It was about how the hero tricked the prince and servant. He got into a rabbit's court, which was under leadership of elil (Enemies of the rabbits.)

Chapter 24.

Hazel went to get some females for the further expedition. He meets a fellow named Boxwood and he tells him where some ladies can be found. When he’s going out there to talk with them, he promises them he’ll come back for them and save them. When he wants to go out to the original rabbit’s den, he gets warned by Pipkin – The cat was outside. Hazel waits for the cat to leap at him, and then dashes off, just in time.

Chapter 25.

When Hazel returns and tells Fiver his story, Fiver gets angry with him. He thought Hazel only did it to be macho, and Holly wants to bring the ladies. Hazel tells the others the same story about his visit to the farm, and they all get very excited and want to save the ladies. It is up to Bigwig to change Fiver’s mind.
They make up a plan to open the cage, but before they’ve really finished it they take a few people and go there. Another cat shows up, but was easily scared off by the scratching and kicking of the bunnies.
Blackberry then finds a way to open the leather lock, and frees the others.

Chapter 26.

Fiver has visions of Hazel alive and injured in a hole. Blackberry wakes Fiver to tell him that Holly and his group has arrived without new rabbits. He convinces Blackberry to take him to the spot where Hazel was shot. Fiver tells Blackberry that Hazel is alive

Chapter 27.

Bigwig and Acorn awaken to discover Blackberry and Fiver are gone. Holly tells them of their trip to Efrafa, the big warren. When they arrived, three rabbits asked to see their marks and took them to Efrafa. They are brought to a burrow and told to make themselves at home

Chapter 28.

Holly teaches Clover about life in the warren. Blackberry returns and tells the others that Hazel is alive. Fiver and Hazel are resting in the ditch at the foot of the hill. Bigwig goes to spend the night with them in case Fiver needs help. In the morning, Kehaar arrives and tells them about guns.

Chapter 29.

Hazel returns to the Honeycomb. He receives a warm welcome from the other rabbits. Hazel goes outside to sit with Strawberry and Boxwood. He tells them he wants to go to Efrafa to find does. Strawberry is against the idea because he knows the conditions in that warren.

Chapter 30.

Early in the morning, the rabbits begin their journey to Efrafa. The rabbits are afraid, but they trust Hazel and Fiver. Kehaar accompanies the rabbits on their journey. On the way, Hazel tells them his plan. They will travel around the warren and enter from the other side.

Chapter 31.

After El-ahrairah stole the king's lettuces, the king was determined to get him back. He locked Rabscuttle in a prison hole, which he was only allowed to leave for work. El-ahrairah and four does dug a tunnel and freed Rabscuttle.

Chapter 32.

Bigwig pushes past the other rabbits and pretends to be hurt, so the fox will chase him. The fox follows him into the woods and the rabbits hear a squeal, which they think came from Bigwig. Though he returns unharmed, Hazel scolds him harshly for taking a chance when the rabbits could have easily outrun the fox.

Chapter 33.

When Hazel awoke the next morning, he realizes his injury had not fully healed and he is again in pain. He goes to find Kehaar to inquire about the distance to the river. Kehaar returns with the news that no patrols have been seen and the river is a short distance away.

Chapter 34.

General Woundwort was born three years ago, and was the strongest of five kittens. His father was a carefree rabbit who enjoyed eating from the garden. One day, his father was shot and killed. The cottager proceeded to dig out his mother and the kittens. She escaped, but she was shot.

Chapter 35.

Captain Chevril teaches Bigwig about the warren. He explains the rules, and Bigwig begins to think his plan is hopeless. Bigwig notices a horribly mutilated rabbit in a cave and learns the rabbit is there as an example to others because he had been caught trying to escape.

Chapter 36.

Bigwig is awakened by Avens, who asks about Fiver. Bigwig had been saying, "ask Fiver" in his sleep. Bigwig explained that Fiver was a rabbit he once knew with the ability to predict the weather. A storm is approaching, but the rabbits are still sent out to feed.

Chapter 37.

General Woundwort asks Bigwig if he knows Groundsel because the rabbit remembers him from somewhere. This rabbit had been there when Bigwig had led the fox to the Owsla, resulting in the death of one of the members of that group.

Chapter 38.

Bigwig gets woken up by another rabbit, who tells him there’s a female that had been arrested, and goes to get her. He beats up the owslas guarding her, and lead her and the other females away. They hear Efrafa’s pounding, and know they must have found out they have escaped. They get chased, and Bigwig gets all the other rabbits together to flee. Chased by Efrafra and Woundwort who both want the rabbits dead, they jump into a boat. Only Dandelion hid in some bushes. But when Efrafra and Woundwort are getting close, he leaps into the boat, the line breaks and they drift off, away from their enemies.

Chapter 39.

The boat runs into a bridge, which was almost too low to even pass. They all duck, bit still one of the females gets hurt. At the next bridge, they indeed do stop, and all have to jump out and swim past the bridge. After a few examples of rabbits, all jump into the water, slowly drift to the shore and fall asleep there.

Chapter 40.

The female that got hurt the day before, died overnight, and Kehaar was leaving too, saying he’d be back in the winter. The rabbits said their goodbyes and Kehaar took off. The rabbits then take the same road back they had taken once before. Hazel decides they should take a rest, and Bigwig tells him to dig holes where they were, and spent a few days. Hazel agrees, but after two days a female gets hunted down by a fox and the group moves on yet again. Campion and his compagnions, who had followed the rabbits see their territory, and return to Efrafra to tell him.

Chapter 41.

The rest of the rabbits return and are happy they’re back in their own habitat again. Sixteen cubs and ten female rabbits returned, making sure their life was a good one once more. Another story was told by Dandelion, about the rabbit prince and a big dog. He tricked the dog in order to get flayrah.

Chapter 42.

Soon after his story Dandelion took over the guard. Hazel joins him, and they get a visit from their mouse-friend. He brings the news that other rabbits are close and encountering, he then asks the mouse to send Holly and Blackavar to check it out. They soon come back running like mad, shouting about a huge raid group of the Efrafra is coming. He shuts off the tunnels, and sets Bigwig in charge until he returned.

Chapter 43.

Woundwort wanted to get his revenge, he was angry with Bigwig in particular, for saving his hostages. His honor and status had been afflicted by just the one rabbit, and now they all had to be punished. Hazel tries to get a compromise with Woundwort, but he doesn’t think about it at all. He tells Hazel to get all females, Bigwig and Blackavar to him, if not. All the youngsters would die.

Chapter 44.

The marching army of rabbits is coming to Hazels habitat, Fiver sort of passes out, and Hazel gets another one of his visions. He needs to release the farm’s dog, and quickly he gets Blackberry and Dandelion to help him do it. Bigwig had a plan of his own, to secure the rest they’d all have to hide in their holes, and shut it. He’d be guarding it.

Chapter 45.

The three of them get to the farm, and as Hazel’s trying to chew the dog’s collar, the same cat he once tricked comes along. Hazel warns the other two, but the dog stood up, broke his collar and ran, making Hazel fall down on the ground, now having the cat look right at him.

Chapter 46.

Woundwort attacks the hole with a small army of rabbits. Woundwort himself went inside the hole first. He didn’t take notice of Fiver, thinking he was dead because he was laying there. Behind the first ‘blockade’ Bigwig was waiting, and the two get into a fight. Bigwig damages the General’s leg several times, severely, another quick struggle but then Woundwort retreats.

Chapter 47.

The dog follows Blackberry and Dandelion up the hill where Bigwig and Woundwort were still struggling, Bigwig fighting off each attack Woundwort sent at him, fighting brave and so on. At last Blackberry and Dandelion are on the hill, Campion runs there too, telling everyone to flee. But Woundwort stood his ground and told everyone to stay and fight.

Chapter 48.

The little girl that lived in the farm saved Hazel from his destiny with the cat, and brings him to the doctor. He only had a small scratch on his paw and nose, and thus the doctor said he’d be ok. They take the car and go to set Hazel free, at the base of Watership Down.

Chapter 49.

The rest of the Efrafra’s run, the fight of Woundwort vs. the Dog probably saved a lot of rabbit lives, as he bought them time to run away. Campion thinks he and the rest of the Efrafra’s should simply go home, back where they came from.

Chapter 50.

The end is basically a happily ever after chapter, the female bunnies get a couple of children, Bigwig trains the children how to defend themselves from cats, and the Efrafra’s habitat, along with their own becomes one big happy place for the rabbits to stay in.


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