Proefstuderen vanuit huis? Wil je vóór dat je een studie kiest, zeker weten of het qua inhoud is wat je ervan verwacht? Dat kan! Volg één van de vijf online proefstudies en ontdek hoe het is om aan de universiteit van Wageningen te studeren. Je volgt videocolleges en maakt opdrachten, gewoon vanuit je slaapkamer. Je wordt begeleid door studenten, die je vragen kunt stellen over de inhoud van de proefstudie of gewoon over het studentenleven! Alles is vrijblijvend, je zit nergens aan vast.

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1. Title of the book:
2. Author of the book:
Stephenie Meyer
3. In one sentence say why you decided to read this book.
I love to read fantasy stories with imaginary creatures and things that can never happen in the real world.
4. What were your expectations about the content of the book before you started reading? I thought it would be an amazing story, that when you began reading, you can’t stop because you want to read more and more... My expectations were that it would be a very strong story. I hoped that it was as good as everyone said to me, and the book was better than all my expectations.
5. In one sentence say what the story is about.
It’s a story about a girl that meets a boy she falls in love with, but it turns out that the boy is a vampire.
6. Give information about at least two of the characters in the book.
Explain their relationship.
Let’s start with Bella, everyone calls her Bella, but here full name is Isabella Swan. She is seventeen years old. Bella is a very clumsy girl, and she lives in Forks with her father Charlie. Her mother, Reneé, travels with her new husband, Phil, he plays ball for living. She feels most comfortable when she is alone, She has an eye for strange things. She is a good cook, she always makes dinner for her father. Several boys show interest in Bella, but Bella is drawn to fellow student Edward. She falls in love with him and discovers he is a vampire, she doesn’t care, she loves him no matter what or who he is.
Edward Cullen, the first thing I should tell about him is that he is a vampire, He was born on June 20, 1901. His adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen, transformed him into a vampire in 1918. He prevented him dying from the Spanish influenza epidemic. He doesn’t harm humans, his family, the Cullens, only hunt animals and drink their blood. They are kind of vegetarians. He is gorgeous. He adoptive parents are called Esme en Carlisle Cullen. His adoptive brothers are called Jasper and Emmet, and his adoptive sisters are called Alice and Rosalie. He has a special ability to read minds, but he is unable to read Bella’s thoughts.
Her blood smells overwhelming sweet to him, he falls in love with her. But he has a hard time controlling himself. He likes reading, listening to music and playing the piano.
Their relationship is boy and girlfriend.
7. Say whether you have or have not been able to identify with one of the characters. Why/ Why not?
No I have not been able to identify me to one of the characters because they’re all so different from me. Bella loves to be on her one, I love to be around friends, maybe I can identify myself a little bit with Edward, he loves music and playing the piano. I played the piano myself, and I loved it. But if you would compare me with Edward, you would find out that we are very different. He is a vampire, and he has to deal with all the problems that are ‘being a vampire’ bring. He is almost a century old, and all those years made him a wise man, that understand life. The difference between me and Bella is that she is always worried about other people, even when she doesn’t have to. We both love to read books, but she likes Shakespeare, and I love thriller and fantasy. My conclusion is that i have not been able to identify me with one of the characters.
8. Say which group of readers this book is meant for and say why you think that in the next line!
Female teenagers.
I think the book is meant for girls, boys could read it too. It’s not that it’s very girly or something. But I don’t think that boys would understand and like it as much as we girls do. The main characters are Bella and Edward, Bella is described as a clumsy girl. And Edward is a beautiful god. Edward is a girl’s dream guy, so I think that girls would have more fun reading the book.
9. Choose a different title for the book and say why you have chosen that title.
Bloodthirsty or Overwhelming.
Both because of the same reason, Edward has a huge attraction to Bella’s scent. He would love to drink her blood, but he can’t because he loves her. It’s almost overwhelming but he doesn’t cross the line.
10. Give at least three reasons why you would / would not recommend this book to others. Explain extensively why / why not!
I think you should read the book because it’s magical, the love between Bella an Edward feels so real. It’s special that Edward does everything to protect Bella, he stays with her all the time. He saves her from death two times. It’s makes you feel like they are soul mates. The next reason why I think you should read the book is because it’s something different, we know vampires as terrifying creatures. In twilight they’re described as perfect. They have a beautiful pale skin, they are fast, strong, and they choose to live with the humans, and drink animals blood. After you read this book, you have a whole different opinion about vampires. My final reason to read the book is because Stephenie Meyer is a very talented writer, when you read, you’re absorbed by the book. You have to be a very good writer to make that happen. She builds the tension in a very good way. I just love this book and think that everyone should read it.
11. Give a short summary of the book in your own words.
When Bella Swan, a seventeen year old girl, moves to Forks she meets the extremely handsome Edward Cullen. it’s love at first sight. Her new friends tell her the Cullen family, Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmet and Rosalie, are always together, they don’t have other friends than each other, it’s not that no one likes them, but they are just very on their own. After a little while she finds out that Edward is a vampire, but not like all the others, he is different. His family lives from Animal blood. They become a couple. A strange but sweet couple.
A few days later the Cullen family went out to play a baseball game, Bella comes with them to watch the game. While they are playing three vampires appear, they do drink human blood and they start to hunt Bella. The Cullen family does everything to protect Bella and Jasper and Alice take her to phoenix. To keep her safe while the other ones try to kill the hunters. Then Bella gets a phone call from James, one of the hunters, he says that he has abducted her mother and that she is the only one that can save her. She only has to go to her old dance studio. When she is there, James tells her that he mother is save, that he had never abduct her, and that the voice she heard on the phone was an old family video. James attacks Bella and bites her. Just in time the Cullen family finds her, Edward sucks to poison out of Bella her body.
The Cullen family kills James en they all go back to forks. In the end of the book, Edward takes her to prom. Bella says she can’t dance. But Edward learns her, and they have an awesome night.
12. Give your personal opinion about the book and say why you think that is so.
My opinion is simple, I really love the book. It’s a fantasy story, but also a story about love, trust, and friendship. I had very much fun reading the book. And I would love to read all the other books from Stephenie Meyer. You can’t read these kind of stories in Dutch. The translated books are almost always different, they remove all the funny jokes and moments and replace them by stupid jokes that aren’t funny at all. You really have to read the book in English to read the real story. It’s a good book that makes you think about certain thinks and that changes your look on vampires.


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