Tintenherz door Cornelia Funke

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Boekcover Tintenherz
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Zilveren Griffel (2006 Winnaar)

Boekcover Tintenherz
Tintenherz door Cornelia Funke
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1. Author: Cornelia Funke. (translator: Anthea Bell)

2. Sort of Publication: Original English book (First of trilogy).

3. Year of publication: Original book: 2003(German book), My book: 2007.

4. Place of publication: Hamburg, Germany. (And then I bought it in Puerto Rico and read it in the Netherlands).

5. Explain the title: It's about a book that has the same  title as the book itself. And the badguy in both books is someone who has a hart of ink (he's very evil and loves fire and gold).

6. Setting, where: In two worlds, the first in the real world in Italy, the other in a fictional world.

7. Setting, when: Now (the twenty-first century).

8. Main characters: The main characters are: Meggie and Mo(rtimer)

  Meggie hasn't got a profession because she's too young for a profession, but her father Mo(rtimer) is a bookbinder.

9. Genre: Fantasy

10. Theme: You can't always get what you want.

11. Summary: Meggie lives with her father in Italy. When Meggie one day lies in her bed, she sees a strange man outside the house. She discovers that the man is talking to her father and is calling her father Silvertongue. The next day her father wakes Meggie up early in the morning and says that they must go.

When they stop the car they come in Elinor's house. She is a book collector and has a house full of books. The first day in Elinor's house Meggie hears her father say something about a very important book called Inkheart and an evil ruler named Capricorn. When the next day the night falls there are strange men in the house of Elinor: they want to steal the book Inkheart. They kidnap Mo(rtimer) and they steal a book, but Elinor changes Inkheart for another book.

Mo's friend Dustfinger knows where the kidnappers took Mo. The next day Elinor and Meggie go looking after Mo(rtimer) with Dustfinger. After a long ride in the car they come in Capricorn's village, where they find Mo. The next day Capricorn wants that Mo reads treasures and villains out of books. Mo has a special power: when he reads from a book, characters come to life and objects become real, but that has price. Every time when he reads there comes what in the place.

Mo uses his power twice: the first time Mo reads gold out of books, the second time Mo reads about a boy. Then Capricorn wants that Mo reads him back into Inkheart but Mo refuses.

Dit wil je ook lezen:

That night Mo, Elinor, Farid and Meggie escape from the hands of Capricorn and his assistants. Mo tells Meggie that her mother disappeared in the book Inkheart. Mo did this, but it was an accident. The next day Elinor goes to her house and discovers that all her books where burned. Meggie and Mo decide to visit Fenoglio  that lives in a little Italian village.

After a of a few days Mo goes to pick up Elinor. When Mo is gone, Basta and a few of his men come to kidnap Fenoglio and Meggie. They return to Capricorn's village where Meggie discovers that she has the same power as her father. Capricorn and his men also find out that Meggie has that power and they want that Meggie reads the Shadow out of Inkheart.

Meggie and Fenoglio find out two things: that persons go back in the book when you make a different story ending and that a maid of Capricorn named (Te)resa is Meggie's mother. Next night Meggie is reading the Shadow out of Inkheart but she uses a different ending, like Fenoglio suggested. She has read the Shadow out of the book, but the Shadow then goes back in the book with all the bad guys because the story ending of Fenoglio has worked.

When the story ends all the bad guys except from Basta and Mortala  are gone and Meggie, Mo and (Te)resa go home.

12. My personal comment: It was a very good book, the book was not difficult to read and it was very exciting. I shall recommend it to my friends because it's a book with things you don't expect. Sometimes the story was very exciting, but it was also funny, so it was never scary.

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