The voyage of the Dawn Treader door C.S. Lewis

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Boekcover The voyage of the Dawn Treader
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Boekcover The voyage of the Dawn Treader
The voyage of the Dawn Treader door C.S. Lewis
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Portfolio Books, Stories and Literature H3-4-5 and L4-6


Your name: Esmée van de Velde                                        class code: H5A

Title of the book: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Name of the author: C.S. Lewis

Year of publication: 1952

  1. This book is a type of … (you can tick more than one box)
  • Realistic novel
  • Social novel
  • Romantic novel
  • Psychological novel
  • War story
  • Adventure story
  • Fantasy story
  • Detective story
  • Play (comedy, tragedy, etc.)
  • Other, namely
  1. This work is from the
  • 21st century
  • 20th century
  • 19th century
  • 18th century
  • 17th century

Explain your choice,


  1. The period the story deals with is
  • Modern times
  • 18-19th century
  • Middle Ages
  • Other, namely I think that the real world deals with the period 18-19th century and Narnia deals with the Middle Ages.
  1. What theme is discussed?
  • Growing up
  • Love
  • Religion
  • Social matters
  • Other, namely War

Explain your choice.

There is a lot of war in the story.

  1. What place or country is important in this story? Explain.

Edmund and Lucy live in London and they go to Narnia through a painting.

  1. What is the most important chapter? Why?

The first chapter, because Edmund and Lucy come in Narnia in the first chapter. And they only come to Narnia when there is a problem.

  1. Did you like the book? Why (not)?

Yes, because I like Eustace clumsiness.

  1. Who is the best character? Why?

Reepicheep, because of his dry humour. And he is only 5 cm tall and he can beat Eustace.

Dit wil je ook lezen:
  1. And who is the worst? Why?

The magician, because he held the Duffers as his slaves.

  1. What have you learnt from reading this book?

That you have to stand temptations, Eustace couldn't stand and he was punished.

  1. Write a 200-250 word long summary (with a little bit from each chapter).

Edmund and Lucy are staying with their nephew Eustace. At a day they come into Narnia through a picture. They are at the Dawn Treader, the ship of Caspian, the king of Narnia. Caspian is looking for seven Lords, friends of his father. They are sailing to the east. First they come to the Lone Islands. There find Caspian Lord Bern and he made him Duke and Governor of the Lone Islands. They sailed further and came in a storm. The ship was damaged and they came to an island. Eustace went away alone. He saw a dragon and changed in a dragon himself. Later he was a human being again, but he was more kind. By a bracelet found by Eustace they know Lord Octesian died there. They are sailing further and were really cracked by a Sea Serpent. Then they came to an island were one of the seven Lords died (later it came clear it was Lord Restimar). At the island was a lake. Everything fall in the lake became gold, and also Lord Restimar. As they are sailing further they came to another island were where a magician and the Duffers lived. Lucy helped the Duffers to get visible and than they went sailing further to the east. They came to the Dark Island. There al dreams will be reality. They found Lord Rhoop but lost the way to go out of the Dark Island. Lucy asked Aslan for help and Aslan sent an albatross which showed them the way. The last three Lords(Revilian, Argoz, Mavramorn) are sleeping at the table of Aslan. To wake them up Caspian had to go to the end of the world and left one of his friends there. When the Dawn treader couldn’t sail further, Lucy, Edmund, Eustace and Reepicheep went with a smaller boat further to the end of the world. Reepicheep went alone in a little coracle to the end of the world and than to the land of Aslan. The others were send by Aslan to their own country and Lucy and Edmund never can come back to Narnia. They have to find Aslan in their own world.



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