The third man door Graham Greene

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Boekcover The third man
The third man door Graham Greene
THE THIRD MAN: Graham Greene

Rollo Martins was a writer of cheap westerns.
He was 35 years old when his best friend Harry Lime was dead
Mr. Lime was hidden by a car when he crossed the road to met his friend Mr Cooler at the other side of the street.
On his funeral he saw a man , named Calloway .This man was a police officer.

Mr Martins wanted to meet other friends of Harry Lime .So he could know the whole story of the dead of his friend.
In the hotel Mr Martins had met another friend of Harry Lime named Kurz.

He was with him when he died.

After that Mr Martins met the girl friend of Harry Lime , named Anna Schmidt.
She told that all the friends of Harry Lime where there at the moment of his accident.
So the dead of his friend became stranger and stranger and when Mr Martins met the doctor who had seen Mr Lime after the accident he concluded that the accident migt have been murder.

In his investigation Mr Martins met Mr Koch.. That was the man who had seen the accident. His details about the accident were not the same as those of his other friends.
He had seen three men who took Mr Lime into a house but he could not describe the third man. Now Mr Martins no longer doubted that murder has been done.
He visited Mr Koch and saw that the police was at his flat. He saw that Mr. Koch has been murdered.
Mr. Martin discovered also that Mr Kurz and his friend where in a racket of stolen penicillin in the military hospitals. The penicillin was diluted with colored water and so many men and children lost their lifes.

Mr Martins talked to the Russian police and so it became clear that his friend Harry Lime was not really dead. The Russian police told Mr Martins that his friend catched himself in the sewers of Vienna.

Now it became clear that Dr. Winckler and Mr Kurz lied about the dead of his friend.
Mr Kurz makes an appointment with Harry Lime and Mr. Martin.
They met each other at the big wheel in Vienna.
There Mr Lime explained that it was better for him that he hides himself in the sewers.
So he could hold the money he earned with racketing penicillin.
After a time Mr Lime went back to the sewers and Mr. Martins and the police followed him. Mr Lime had a gun and shoot a policeman. Now Mr Martin was in front of his friend and shoot him dead.
Mr Lime was buried for the second time and Mr Martins went to his second funeral.


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