1. If the writer asked your opinion about his book,

A What would you tell him that you would have done differently and why?

I would have changed the part where the main character Rollo Martins meets Harry Lime. Rollo thought Harry was dead, but he finds out he isn’t at all. Harry has faked his death. Rollo Martins wants to meet Harry so he says to Kurtz, a man who is with Harry, Harry has to be in the Prater by the Big Wheel in two hours. I don’t think a man who has faked his death because he was arrested for the racket he was in, would come without a reason to meet an old friend.

B What would you certainly not have changed?

It is brilliant how the story has been written. The writer himself, Graham Greene, writes under the name Calloway. This Calloway is a police officer who has had an interview with the head character, Rollo Martins. Rollo tells him about the murder on his friend Harry Lime. Colloway writes this book about the story Martins tells him. While you are reading you sometimes read pieces out of the interview, and sometimes you just read the story of Rollo. It’s a bit hard to understand it all, but it’s nice to read.

2. Is there a clear turn in the story (a special event / a change of mind / something unknown come clear)

Yes, there is. When Rollo Martins arrives in Vienna to meet Harry Lime, he finds out he has had an accident. Rollo finds out the story the police told isn’t right, so he is going to examine the accident himself. First he finds out Harry was in a racket. He stole penicillin out of military hospitals and sold it to Austrian doctors. Then they began adding water to it, and when the penicillin is too weak the first time, it won’t work a second time. Harry murdered lots of children with this.

During a walk through the city at night, Rollo Martins sees Harry Lime standing on the corner. First he thinks it is a ghoast, but then he discovers Harry isn’t dead at all: he has faked his death.


A What is the main character’s biggest problem and how does he solve it?

The problem of Rollo Martins is he doesn’t believe the story about how Harry Lime has died. Two men tell him it was an accident en there were only three people involved, but there’s one man who says he has seen 4 man walking away after the accident.

B How would you have solved it?

I would have felt something was wrong about the two different stories, but I would not be able to solve the problem like Rollo Martins does. Rollo dares to speak to everyone who had something to do with Harry and solves the problem like this. At the end he even shoots Harry Lime, his best friend. I think I don’t want to have anything to do with murder. I would have tried to have peace with the fact my best friend’s dead.

4. Describe the main character’s situation at the beginning of the story; describe and explain the end of the book.

At the beginning of the story, Rollo Martins has just found out his best friend Harry Lime has died. He is very sad about it, cause it was his best friend and he loved him. Harry was the perfect person in his eyes. He even gets in a fight with police officer Colloway because Colloway says Harry is a bad person. Rollo doesn’t want to believe it. At the end of the book Rollo has found out Harry isn’t that nice at all. He was in bad racket. Rollo’s trust in Harry is gone. He is very angry at him, and at himself too because he was the stupid to believe in Harry and trust him. Rollo Martins even helps the police to arrest Harry Lime and then shoots at him.


A What do you find realistic about/in the story? Why?

Almost everything is realistic in the book because the story is written like it is a paper of a police case. I couldn’t find some specific realistic part.

B What do you find unrealistic about/in the story? Why?

What I find unrealistic about the story is the fact that just an ordinary man, like you or me, who wasn’t been in the city of Vienna before, can solve a case whick police couldn’t solve. I also think how Rollo Martins changes is mind about Harry Lime is a bit strange. He loved him so much, and in just one second he suddenly hates him. The difference is too extreme. The scene in which Rollo Martins and Harry Lime meet after a long time no see is a bit unrealistic. I find this because the conversation they have is so different from what you’d expect out of the toughts of Martins. Harry acts like nothing has ever happened and Rollo is extremely aggressive to Harry.


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