The sniper door Liam O'Flaherty

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Boekcover The sniper
The sniper door Liam O'Flaherty
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Title: The Sniper
Author: Liam O'Flaherty

Title explanation:
The Title of this short story is The Sniper. The writer chose this title for his story because it’s about a sniper who kills three people during a civil war in Ireland.

Number of pages:
The story the sniper has got 4 pages of text, 1 page with 2 illustrations and 1 page with al list of difficult words. The story has a total number of 6 pages.

Nowhere in the text is mentioned when the story was written. But on the internet I could find that the story was written in 1956.

The story takes place in Ireland, during the civil war between the free staters and the republicans. The story took place about 1920.

The Sniper is about a republican sniper who is fighting in the civil war in Ireland. The sniper is lying on a roof and on the other side of the street there is also a sniper, but the other sniper is a free stater. Then an armoured car rides by, an old lady walks to the car and points to where the snipers lays. She is an informer. The sniper sees what happens and shoots the man in the car and after that he shoots the old lady. The sniper on the other building sees from where the sniper fires and fires on him. The bullet hits the sniper in his forearm. Then he thinks of a ruse to kill the other sniper. He puts his cap on top of his rifle, the other sniper thinks it’s a real man and shoots the cap. The sniper makes sure that the cap falls down on the street and he also throws his rifle down. Because of the falling cap and rifle the other sniper thinks that he is dead. The other sniper stands up and the sniper kills him. When he is sure that he killed the other sniper he is very curious who the other sniper was. He goes down to the street and turns over the dead body, and looks into the face of his brother.

I think that the writer wrote this story because he wants to warn people for what kind of terrible things can happen in a war.

Main persons:
The main character in this story is the sniper. I think he is about 18 to 20 years old (the writer mentions that he has the face of a student). The writer does not mention anything else about his appearance. The sniper is a round character because he is curious who he killed and because he feels remorse after he killed the other sniper.
Another main character is the other sniper the only thing that I know about him is that he is the brother of the sniper.

There are two more characters in the story the man in the car of who i know absolutely nothing and the old lady of who i only now that she’s an informer.

Point of view:
I think the story is told by a narrator because there are sentences in which is described how the sniper feels.

Personal opinion:
My personal opinion about The Sniper is not so good. I didn’t like it. That’s because I like stories to be longer and more detailed I like to know why exactly he has to kill the other sniper, who is the sniper and how/why did he become a sniper. My opinion is that that would make the story more interesting.
Also I don’t like war or murder stories and The Sniper is both. I did find that The Sniper was a nice story to start the school year with, it was quite easy to read.


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