The river detectives door Jean Henson

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  • 10 augustus 2006
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Boekcover The river detectives
The river detectives door Jean Henson
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The holidays were finally here. Joan and Roger went to Mrs. Brown and Peter went to Aunt Mabel. There was an island and they decided to explore the island and make a map of it. There they found a nest of a Mars Harrier, that’s a bird that almost is extinct. Then they found a foodprint with a brooch in it. They heard that two burglars had robbed a house. They thought that there were more jewels on the island and that the burglars had to come back sometime. So Roger and Joan were waiting for them. Peter wasn't, because he was ill. Then the burglars came and allmost caught Roger and Joan. A day later they saw the burglars again but this time they were caught. The burglars put them in an old fort. They managed to escape. Peter was started to look for them as soon as he got permission from the docter to get out of his bed. Peter found a suspicious cottage. When Joan and Roger reached home they tried to protect the Mars Harrier, because the burglars also heard about his expensive eggs. Peter told them he thought the burglars were in the cottage. And he was right. They could catch the burglars before they escaped by plane. The got a reward for that.


The main characters are:

Roger: He’s a thinker. He thinks before he acts. And when he does something he does it well.

Joan: She is a assured girl. A real daredevil.


I like the title: The "Saving the eggs", because the main problem of the book is saving the Mars Harrier eggs.


A day in the life of Joan: almost every day she goes to the island of Mr. Armstrong. This day no exception. She goes with her brothers Peter and Roger. They are working on the map. And she wants to know more about the bird. First they went to the shore. They climbed on board the boat and rowed to the shore of the island. They stepped out of the boat and they saw a footprint with a brooch in the middle. Then they searched for other jewels, but there were none. At 17.00 o'clock they went home. There she speculated a lot with Peter and Roger about the jewels. Then she went to bed.


I didn’t like the book very much, but it was readable. There were some good parts in the book, for example when Joan and Roger first saw the burglars. But there were some very bad parts, for example when Peter was searching for Joan and Peter. I don’t recommend the book, because there were more bad parts then good parts.


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